Carl Philip of Sweden Full name: Carl Philip Edmund Bertil
Title: Prince of Sweden, Duke of Värmland (His Royal Highness)
Born: Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden, May 13th 1979

Parents: Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden (1946) and 1976, Silvia Sommerlath (1943)
Sisters: Victoria (1977, married) and Madeleine (1982)

Education and work: Vasterled parish preschool, Vasterled (1984-86); Smedslättsskolan, Bromma (since 1986) - junior level; Ålstensskolan, Bromma (until 1992) - intermediate level; Enskilda Gymnasium, Stockholm (1992-94) - senior level; private school Kent, Connecticut (1994-96); Lundsberg school (graduated 1999) - science programme; military service at the Amphibious Batallion at Vaxholm's Coast Artillery Regiment as a combat boat commander (combat boat 90) (August 30th, 1999 - October 4th, 2000); Swedish Navy (2001-2004) - education for navy officer, became a lieutenant in 2004 and lieutenant in December 2007; in May 2006 he completed a two-year course in graphic design at Forsbergs School of Graphic Design in Stockholm; studied graphic design in the USA during Spring 2006; Photographic studies at the National Geographic Society in Washington in the Autumn of 2006; studied design at the Rhode Island School of Design in the USA in the Spring of 2007 until 2008; studied agriculture and forestry during the autumn of 2008, work experience at Stenhammars estate; Since 2009 he studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp.

Hobbies: art, scouting (when he was younger), sports (athletics, motor sports, football, tennis, skiing, swimming), hunting and nature. He has a racing licence of the Swedish Motor Sport Association.

Further facts: He was born as a crown prince, but in 1980 his older sister Victoria became the crown princess after a change in the law; 1.82m tall. He and his girlfriend Emma Pernald decided to take a break in their relationship in February 2009, after ten years. Since 2010 he is dating Sofia Hellqvist. In December 2003 he designed a CD cover that was distributed in conjunction with The Queen's birthday containing music from the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky.

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