Copyright and Photo: Bernard Rübsamen

Witnesses for the bridegroom
The witnesses for the bridegroom at the church ceremony in the Oude Kerk are:
  • HRH The Prince of Orange, the bridegroom’s brother.
  • HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, the bridegroom’s brother.
  • Lodewijk Beijst, a friend of the bridegroom from his student days in Delft. He studied business administration and is currently the director of Superserver.
  • Dante Weijerman, a friend of the bridegroom. They met playing golf while at primary school. Mr Weijerman studied law in Leiden and is currently a director of the Central National Company. He is married with three daughters.
  • Sophie Baroness von der Recke, a cousin of the bridegroom (her mother, Christina Baroness von der Recke-von Amsberg, is the youngest sister of the bridegroom’s late father). She is an artist and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

    Prince Constantijn and Lodewijk Beijst will also be witnesses at the civil marriage.

    The witnesses for the bride
    The witnesses for the bride at the church ceremony are:
  • HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, a friend of the bride and sister-in-law of the bridegroom.
  • Eveline Wisse Smit, the bride’s sister. She studied economics in Amsterdam and plays hockey in the first women’s team of Amsterdam Hockey Club.
  • Nicoline Wisse Smit, the bride’s sister and the mother of Lotte, one of the flower girls. She studied at the Maastricht Hotel Management School and has her own public relations and communications firm, Wis en Waarachtig.
  • Andrea Knap-Kleekamp, a friend of the bride. They met playing hockey when at secondary school. She studied French language and literature in Amsterdam and Paris, and is married. Her son, Max, is a page boy at the wedding.
  • Willemijn Verloop, a friend of the bride. They met when Ms Verloop began working for the European Action Council for Peace in the Balkans in 1994. She studied history in Amsterdam and is now a director of War Child Netherlands, of which Mabel Wisse Smit was a founding board member (1995-1996).

    Nicoline Wisse Smit and Andrea Knap-Kleekamp will also be witnesses at the civil marriage.

  • Sophie Baroness von der Recke
  • Eveline Wisse Smit

    Page boys and flower girls:
  • Lotte Crombag (aged 4), daughter of the witness Nicoline Wisse Smit and godchild of the bride
  • Max Knap (aged 6), son of the witness Andrea Knap-Kleekamp
  • Anna van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven (aged 3), second cousin of the bridegroom
  • Theodora Petalas (aged 9), granddaughter of Johan Christian Baron von Jenisch, the late godfather of the bridegroom
  • Friso Wisse Smit (aged 3), second cousin of the bride