Last updated: October 22nd, 2004.

September 1st
Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has written a children's book about a little crown prince that, like her grandfather, takes the name Olav and becomes king. "Hvorfor de kongelige ikke har krone på hodet" - Why the royals don't wear a crown - will appear in late November. The book was illustrated by Sven Nyhus. According to publishers Cappelen, the book tells the story of a little prince that sails across the sea from Denmark and takes the name Olav because his real name - Alexander Edward Christian Frederik - is too long and Danish for a future king of Norway. The little prince ventures out into the winter landscape with his nanny and court to find out what they do in Norway, and learns that it isn't easy to make snowmen, sled or ski jump with a crown on your head.

The Menghantar Tanda Diraja - the traditional gift-giving rites - was held last night at the Istana Nurul Iman on the occasion of the Bruneian crown princely wedding. Attending the event was Prince Hj Sufri Bolkiah who instructed YAM Pg lndera Sahibul Karib to lead a delegation to the bride's side with several gifts consisting of a set of dress, a pair of bangles, a pair of earrings and two rings. Each of these gifts was placed on a "gangsa" and taken to the bride's side. Carried by "awang-awang" together with "berdian 16" (16 Royal Ceremonial Candles) also carried by 16 "awangawang", the delegation moved to Baitur Rahmah located within the Istana Nurul Iman. There the bride's side welcomed the groom's delegation. They were presented the gifts meant for the royal bride. At the same time the gifts were accepted a 19-gun salute was fired outside the Istana Nurul Iman to welcome the groom's delegation. Shortly after, the group of "awang-awang" carrying the "Tanda Diraja" moved to Balai Singgahsana Indera Kenchana where the women guests were waiting. There the gifts were transferred to a different "gangsa" by 16 "dayan dayang" who moved into the hall to replace the "awang-awang". With the gifts now in the hands of the bride's side, the awang-awang moved back into Baitur Rahmah. A doa selamat was then read. The groom's delegation then returned to the Balai Persantapan Diraja to announce to the other guests that the ceremony had been completed.

September 4th
Princess Louise of Belgium was christened by French priest Guy Gilbert in the open air at the private domain of the Solvay family in La Hulpe near Brussels on Saturday afternoon between 16:00 and 17:00. Prince Laurent revealed that the godmothers of his daughter are Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein and Mrs Marie-Claude Solvay. The identity of the godfather remains a mystery. It has been suggested in the past months that Prince Reza Pahlavi is the godfather, but he didn't attend the christening. Members of the Belgian royal family and the Coombs family were present.

Crown Princess Masako of Japan has made her first outing in four months when visiting her parents-in-law at the Imperial Palace together with her husband. They visited the Emperor and Empress to thank them for visiting their home to check on the princess' condition. The Imperial Household Agency said that the visit was a private one and not particularly a sign that Crown Princess Masako is ready to resume her official duties.

John Elkann, Fiat heir, married Donna Lavinia Borromeo dei Principi di Angera at the Cappella Bianca on the Isola Madre today at 18:30. The bride wore a dress designed by Valentino. The wedding was among others attended by Prince Serge of Yugoslavia and his fiancée Eleonore Rajneri who are soon getting married themselves, as well as Serge's mother Princess Maria Pia of Savoy.

On September 23 and 24 the Auctionhouse Nagel in Stuttgart, Germany, will auction among others paintings of old and new masters especially from the 18th century and furniture from the 17th to the 19th century.

September 5th
Today King Abdullah II of Jordan hosted a lunch banquet on the grounds of Bani Hashem on the occasion of the wedding of his halfbrother Prince Ali of Jordan and Rym Al-Brahimi, which will take place on September 7. The banquet was attended by Jordanian dignitaries, tribal leaders, refugee camp representatives, members of the diplomatic corps, senior Jordanian officials and representatives of youth and sports organizations. Among the guests were the bride's father Al-Akhdar Al-Brahimi and Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed Al-Maktoum of Dubai (husband of Princess Haya of Jordan). In his welcoming statement King Abdullah II said: "I'm extremely happy to be with you on this good day and to meet these good faces, who have come from all parts of the our dear Kingdom to share us our joy of Prince Ali's wedding."

King Mswati of Swaziland has chosen a 16-year old beauty queen as his 13th wife following the yearly Reed Dance on August 30 in which 20.000 bare-breasted maidens dance in the king's honour. The girl was a finalist of the Miss Teenage Swaziland elections. She is now in seclusion. The king already has 11 official wives and one fiancee chosen in 2002 who is awaiting a traditional marriage ceremony.

Prince Harry of Wales has made a documentary film about the Aids problems in Lesotho. He spent eight weeks in the country as part of his gap year and the film was shot during that time. Some of the footage for 'The Forgotten Kingdom: Prince Harry in Lesotho' was shot by the teenage royal using his own hand-held video camera. He is also shown working at projects in Lesotho. ITV will broadcast the hour-long film later this month. It is said the film was the prince's own idea. A Clarence House spokesman said: "Harry wanted to go to Lesotho to learn more about the problems faced in a country affected by Aids and to do what he could to help. He was really affected by his experience there and the people he met. He hopes that his visit and now the film will help to raise awareness and money to help tackle the problems faced by the people of Lesotho."

Yesterday Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam and other members of the family attended the Istiadat Akad Nikah Diraja or solemnisation of the marriage of his son Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah and Yang Mulia Dayangku Sarah binti Pengiran Salleh Ab Rahaman at the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque in Bandar. Also the crown prince himself attended and was accompanied by 40 spearmen and awang-awang. Pehin Dato Awang Haji Abdul Salim lead the ceremony with the Surah Al-Fatihah. He performed the akad nikah ritual which included the Crown Prince affirming his acceptance of the akad nikah or marriage solemnisation. Outside the mosque, cannons were fired 19 times to mark the conclusion of the ritual. At the end the doa selamat was read. After the crown prince greeted his father and future father-in-law the solemnisation of marriage was officially concluded.

September 6th
Today an official said that palace doctors believe that Crown Princess Masako of Japan will not likely resume her royal duties until sometime next year. It was said: "It is the opinion of the royal doctors that it would be difficult for her to return to her duties this year."

In a book about Queen Elizabeth II's 56 years of marriage the 58-year-old Duchess of Abercorn has revealed her close friendship with the Duke of Edinburgh: "Our friendship was very close. The heart came into it in a big way. There's a hugely potent chemical reaction in him. We understood one another. He felt he could trust me and I felt I could trust him. It was a passionate friendship, but the passion was in the ideas. It was certainly not a full relationship. I did not go to bed with him. It probably looked like that to the world." They became friends in the 1960s but are no longer in touch. The writer's book, Gyles Brandreth says his research showed the Duke of Edinburgh had never been unfaithful to the Queen.

September 7th
Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan and Rym Al-Brahimi got married at the Bait Al Barakah Palace today in presence of King Abdullah II of Jordan and Al-Akhdar Al-Brahimi, as well as some other members of the Jordanian royal family, the Al-Brahimi and the Tuqan family. After the wedding ceremony the couple, together with King Abdullah II, Queen Rania and Princess Haya of Jordan, visited the late Baha' Eddine Tuqan home where they accepted the congratulations of Mrs Hanan Tuqan, Prince Ali's maternal grandmother.

Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau has become a member of the board of the Belgian telecom company Telenet, the company confirmed today. The prince has become an independent member of the board, which means he doesn't have shares. He was invited because of his experience. A spokesman for the company said: "The Prince was chosen because of what he is, not because who he is." It is not known how much time the Prince will spend on his new job, apart from attending board meetings.

The auction today of pieces of art and furniture from the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha at Sotheby's in Amsterdam fetched 800.592 Euros, which is 2,5 times more than was valued.

September 8th
Guests for the crown princely wedding started to arrive in Brunei. Around 60 regional leaders, Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia, the Sultans of Kelantan, Kedah, Pahang, Johor, Perak, Terengganu and Selangor, Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan, Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen and Prince Bandar ibn Sultan ibn Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain. Great Britain is represented by the Duke of Gloucester. The 'bersanding' ceremony of the royal wedding will take place tomorrow followed by a royal procession in Bandar Seri Begawan, while on Friday a royal banquet takes place, followed by huge fireworks.

Doctors have advised Crown Princess Masako of Japan not to accompany her husband to the Bruneian royal wedding. Hideki Hayashida, grand master of the Crown Prince's Household said: "The doctors have decided it would put too big a burden on the princess to right away go on a trip abroad and attend a major event at a time when they are trying to gradually increase her outings." Crown Prince Naruhito arrived in Brunei this afternoon.

September 9th
At 9:00am the 'Bersanding' ceremony for the royal wedding of 30-year-old Crown Prince Pg Muda Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah of Brunei and 17-year-old Pg Anak Isteri Pg Anak Sarah binti Pengiran Salleh Ab Rahaman was held in the cavernous throne chamber at the Istana Nurul Iman. 2000 guests attended. Following the rituals symbolising nobility, honour and royalty, the ceremony began with the consent of the Sultan of Brunei after he was informed that the 'Bersanding' was ready to begin. The bride was the first to enter the Balai Singgahsana Indera Buana followed by royal regalia. Then the Crown Prince entered also accompanied by royal regalia. Both bride and groom wore traditional attire adorned with traditional ornaments and jewellery. The Sultan awaited the groom near the royal dais and later led led the crown prince's right hand to the head of the bride as the 'selawat' for Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was called by the State Mufti. The 'Bersanding' ceremony signalled the official marriage of the couple. At the same time, 19 gunshots were fired. An official announcement was read loudly in which the Sultan consented to award a royal title to the bride, who from now on will be known as Her Royal Highness Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah. The State Mufti then read the 'doa selamat'. The newlyweds were then led from the royal dais to pay their respects to the Sultan and his wife. Afterwards they left for a procession through the capital city in a gold, open-topped Rolls-Royce. Thousands lined the streets to watch the car which was followed by over 100 limousines.

September 10th
A huge banquet was held at the Istana Nurul Iman to celebrate the Bruneian Crown Princely wedding. 5000 guests - royals and dignitaries - were invited for the banquet. Bride and groom, as well as the Sultan of Brunei and his wife, attended the banquet together with other members of the royal family of Brunei. Also the parents of the bride were present. A thanksgiving prayer was read by the State Mufti to commence the royal banquet. On the menu were tomato and creamy lobster bouillion, marinated beef stew with herbs, venison fried in coconut oil, baked lobster with percik sauce and sweet sour chilli fish, as well as vegetable dalcha, curried butter prawns, chicken kunna with basil, beef liver sambal and assorted vegetables, with bavaroise orange with candied ginger on raspberry and mango coulis for dessert.

September 12th
Yesterday the remains of Archduchess Alexandra of Austria née Grand Duchess Alexandra of Russia (1783-1801) - daughter of Czar Paul I and first wife of Archduke Palatine Joseph of Austria - were reburied in her original tomb at a chapel in the village of Urom, Hungary. The event was among others attended by Archduke Joseph Arpád of Austria. Today Hungary's Russian Orthodox community was finally able to hold its first church service in the newly renovated chapel in Urom. Hundreds of people attended the chapel's opening. According to her own wishes the Archduchess was buried in a sepulchral chapel in Urom, at a Habsburg estate. After the chapel was destroyed in 1981, the archduchess's damaged body was transferred to the royal sepulcher at Buda Castle.

September 14th
The British government has promised an urgent security review after a campaigner dressed as Batman managed to hold a five-hour protest at Buckingham Palace. Fathers' rights campaigner Jason Hatch used a ladder in broad daylight yesterday to to scale the perimeter fence, then dashed across a parade ground and climbed 10 metres up the front wall to a ledge. Although the royal family is on holiday in Scotland, the incident outraged outraged security experts.

Mohamed Al-Fayed lost his appeal against three photographers at a French appeals court. The court has acquitted the photographers of charges they broke privacy laws by photographing the late Diana Princess of Wales the night she died.

The Swedish parliament was opened in presence of King Carl XVI, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Lilian. In the early afternoon they attended the church service at the Storkyrkan. At 14:00 the opening of the parliament followed during which the King and the Prime Minister held a speech. In the evening a festive performance of "Tosca" followed in the royal theatre in presence of the royal family and members of the government.

Yesterday after two and a half week the ceremonial events for the wedding of the Crown Prince of Brunei and his wife were officially closed at the Istana Nurul Iman. A salvo of 21 cannon shots marked the closing. Also the royal regalia were taken down. On Sunday night the newlyweds had appeared for the last time at the post-wedding Majlis Istiadat Pengantin Diraja Muleh Tiga Hari at the Istana Nurul Iman.

The beatification ceremony of Emperor Karl I of Austria on October 3 in Rome will be attended by a large delegation of familymembers. Also the Austrian government will send an official representative in the person of health minister Maria Rauch-Kallat.

Most likely on September 4 Count Carl-Eduard von Bismarck got married for the third time only a few days after his second divorce, his office confirmed. He and Nathalie Bariman got married in California, USA. The bride is said originally to be from Canada.

September 15th
Today the red silk velour canopy from the 19th-century throne of Queen Charlotte was unveiled again at Georgian Antiques in Leith. The canopy had disappeared in 1910 and only recently antiques dealer John Dixon discovered the canopy in a cardboard box during a routine buying trip in Scotland and bought it, not knowing immediately what it was. The owners, who are remaining anonymous said they had been told it might have originally come from Holyrood. Earlier this year he happened to show the 20 feet canopy to Ian Gow, a curator for the National Trust for Scotland including photographs of the original throne. Mr Gow immediately said: "That's from Queen Charlotte's throne and it should be reunited with the Royal Collection." The great mystery remains where the canopy has been for about the past 94 years. The canopy had hung on display in 1818 above Queen Charlotte’s throne at Buckingham House, the forerunner to Buckingham Palace. In 1822, it was taken north to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and was used during George IV’s Edinburgh visit. But it vanished in 1910 during a palace refurbishment. Mr Dixon says he hopes the canopy will be reunited with the throne.

James Hewitt, former lover of the late Diana Princess of Wales, was cautioned by the police for possession of a Class A drug. Police said the decision to caution Mr Hewitt was made following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service.

September 16th
The Danish royal court today announced in a press conference that Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra of Denmark have decided to apply for a separation order and will subsequently seek a divorce. Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark have accepted the decision with the deepest regret and wish to extend their full supprt to the couple during the difficult times ahead of them. They want to do their utmost to contribute to ensuring a dignified solution for their son and daughter in law and a harmonious upbringing for the children, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra are in agreement on the terms of the separation order. Prince Joachim will continue to reside at Schackenborg Castle. Princess Alexandra will for the time being reside at Amalienborg Palace together with their sons Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix. During the separation period Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra retains her present title and will be addressed as Her Highness Princess Alexandra after the divorce. Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra state: "After long and difficult considerations we have mutually decided to apply for a separation order and will subsequently seek a divorce. We are in agreement on the conditions and will undertake joint custody of our children. We wish as far as possible to maintain our official functions and continue to work with the many organisations with which we are related. Throughout the years we have experienced much kindness and friendliness and we hope that the difficult decision we have made will be met with understanding".

September 17th
On her own 36th birthday Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece gave birth to her fourth child and third son. He was born at 13:15 at the Portland Hospital in London, Great Britain. Mother and son are doing fine. The baby hasn't been named yet.

In an interview to be screened on Sunday as a part of the documentary "The Forgotten Kingdom - Prince Harry in Lesotho" Prince Harry of Wales says he wants to continue his late mother's charity work: "I don't want to take over from her because I never will. I don't think anyone can, but I want to try and carry on to make her proud. I believe I've got a lot of my mother in me, basically, and I just think she'd want us to do this - me and my brother." Newspapers today also him saying about stories written after his mother's death: "The stuff that has come out has been bad ... It's just a shame, it's a shame that, after all the good she's done, even this far on, people can't bring out the good in her. All they want to bring out is the bad stuff. I mean, bad news sells." Harry said his involvement in AIDS work was a tribute to his mother. "I always wanted to go to an AIDS country to carry on my mother's legacy as much as I can."

During the opening of an exhibition at the Amalienborg Museum Prince Henrik of Denmark said about the divorce of his son Prince Joachim: "It's sad - especially because it's my son, but that's life."

Yesterday it was announced that a final and definitive agreement has been reached on the reburial of Empress-Dowager Maria Feodorovna of Russia née Princess Dagmar of Denmark. She will be buried alongside her husband Tsar Alexander III of Russia on September 26, 2006, in the St Peter and St Paul Cathedral in Sint Petersburg. The date marks the 140th anniversary of her arrival in Russia where she converted to Orthodoxy and married Alexander in the church of St Petersburg's Winter Palace. After her death in exile in 1928 the Empress-Dowager was buried at Roskilde Cathedral in Denmark.

September 18th
Beltrán Gómez-Acebo y de Borbón, son of the late Don Luís Gómez-Acebo y Duque de Estrada, Viscount de la Torre and Infanta Doña Pilar of Spain Duchess of Badajoz, married former Spanish model Laura Ponte y Martínez at the Colegiata del Palacio Real de La Granja in Segovia at 18:00 today. The bride arrived in a Rolls Royce together with her father José Manuel Ponte Mittelbrunn. The dress was designed by Miguel Palacio and the bride wore a mantilla from Brussels lace. The ceremony was led by Father Marco Álvarez de Toledo together with Priest Isidoro Mardomingo and Father Matías. The complete Spanish royal family attended. Among the about 500 guests were also Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Crown Prince Kardam of Bulgaria and his wife Miriam, Prince Konstantin of Bulgaria with his wife Maria, Countess Caroline von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee, Princess Anne of Bourbon Sicilies, Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Savoy, Countess of Evreux with her daughter Adélaïde. The reception took place in Cavanillas.

Prince Serge of Yugoslavia and his long-time Italian girlfriend Eleonora Rajneri got married in Monte Carlo today in a civil ceremony. Among the guests were the Prince and Princess of Venice and other family members. Prince Serge was married before to Sophie de Toledo from 1985 to 1986, but as the marriage was never annuled no religious wedding took place this time.

The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands are investigating whether legal action can be taken against gossip magazines in the Netherlands and Germany. In the past weeks the magazines published articles suggesting the royal couple was having marital problems. The couple are reportedly very angry about the stories and are said to be investigating what legal action can be taken against a few of the magazines. A spokesman of the Government Information Service said that the couple doesn't have marital problems and also haven't had a fight in a restaurant during their vacation in Argentina.

September 19th
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Prince of Wales attended the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. The Queen and the Prince laid wreaths at the Anrhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery under the eyes of veterans. Local children laid flowers on the more than 1000 graves of men who died during the Battle and whispered the names of those who died 60 years ago. Afterwards, the Last Post sounded, followed by a minute's silence. The two hour-ceremony was attended by about 15.000 people. The Prince of Wales also attended a reception of the fourth Para Regiment in Oosterbeek. In his speech at the former Hartenstein Hotel the Prince said: "As we stand here this evening we can only imagine the ferocity of the fighting around this building and the surrounding area during the nine-day battle of Arnhem. We must never forget the intensely human story of the lessons, warnings and inspirations that story holds for us today." He added: "Tragically many paid a most dreadful price for their unstinting compassion and loyalty but, during a time of unimaginable hardship, great friendships were forged between the local community and the Allied troops, some lasting to the present day. This occasion presents us with the opportunity to recall the suffering of the Dutch people and the appalling horrors they endured with the deliberate looting and destruction of their homes in the Arnhem area."

September 20th
Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her husband Ari Behn expect their second child in the middle of April 2005. The birth will take place at the Rikshospitalet University Hospital in Oslo. The Princess is in good health and a normal pregnancy is expected. The pregnancy will not affect affect the couple's plans to move to the USA in October.

Princess Diane d'Orléans married Viscount Alexis de Noailles in a civil ceremony at 10:00 at the Townhall of the 7th arrondissement in Paris on September 6. The religious wedding took place the same day at the Notre-Dame de la Compassion Chapel (Chapelle Royale Saint-Ferdinand) at the 17th arrondissement in Paris. Both ceremonies were private ones which were only attended by a score of family members and close friends. The bride wore a fuchsia dress designed by Jean-Louis Scherrer. A reception was held afterwards at the house of Mr Patrick Rambaud, witness of the groom. In the evening Mrs Clémentine Gustin, another witness of the groom, received the couple and some friends. The couple spent their honeymoon in Turkey.

September 21st
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands read the annual speech from the throne at the Ridderzaal in The Hague to reveal the government plans for the coming year. For the Queen it was her 25th speech from the throne since she acceeded the throne in 1980. Together with the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima the Queen drove from Noordeinde Palace to the Ridderzaal in the Golden Coach. Prince Constantijn, Princess Laurentien, Princess Margriet and Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven followed in other carriages. After the speech from the throne the family returned to Palace Noordeinde and as usual appeared on the balcony. A tv-reporter said that the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands have decided not to take further action against magazines who publishes stories about supposed marital problems.

At the opening of a wetlands environmental preservation project today Prince Joachim of Denmark said: "It is a very difficult period that my family and I are going through. It has a great significance for me that I can continue my official duties and tasks."

Sir Angus Ogilvy, husband of Princess Alexandra of Kent, is being treated in hospital. He is suffering from acute pneumonia and is believed to be in intensive care. Princess Alexandra recently postponed official engagements to be by her husband's side.

Baroness Zdenko von Hoenning-O'Carroll née Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria, died yesterday. She was born at Nymphenburg Castle on June 9, 1917, as the third child of Prince Franz and Prince Isabelle of of Bavaria. In 1948 she married Baron Zdenko von Hoenning-O'Carroll as his second wife. He died in 1996. She is survived by her five children and a granddaughter.

September 22nd
A ball was held tonight at Nymphenburg Castle in München, Germany, on the occasion of the wedding of Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria and Daniel Terberger. The ball was attended by 300 guests among them parents of bride and groom, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prince Alois and Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, Prince Luitpold and Princess Beatrix of Bavaria, Prince Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria, Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxemburg and Princess Benita zu Schaumburg-Lippe. The marriage will take place at Tegernsee on Saturday.

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal and her newborn son left the Portland Hospital today.

September 23rd
In Jordan the wedding was celebrated of Farah Daghestani, eldest child of Princess Basma of Jordan and her first husband Timoor al-Daghestani, and Saud Abdul Aziz Suleiman from Saudi Arabia. The wedding ceremony was among others attended by King Abdullah II of Jordan, Queen Rania, as well as other members of the royal family and the family of the groom.

Two days ago Princess Badiya of Jordan, youngest daughter of Prince El-Hassan of Jordan and his wife Princess Sarvath, became engaged to Khalid Blair. The ceremony was attended by Queen Rania, other members of the royal family and members of the family of Khalid Blair. Today, after returning from a visit abroad, King Abdullah II received the couple to congratulate them with their engagement.

Baron Hans and Baroness Tina de Geer af Finspång had their third child, a boy, on September 16 at Danderyds Hospital. The baby hasn't been named yet. They couple already had a daughter and a son. Tina is the eldest daughter of Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld and his wife Princess Désirée Baroness Silfverschiöld née Princess Désirée of Sweden.

King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia has delayed his return from China to his country until next month for medical reasons. According to his website Chinese doctors have found new stomach ailments during a medical exam. "The disease has not developed into cancer yet, but it is a worrisome disease," the king said on his website, adding the doctors feared a recurrence of colon cancer which he has suffered from for years. The king and his wife now intend to return to Cambodia prior to the Pchum Benn festival on October 13, and plan to head back to Beijing next January to undergo further medical checks.

The Danish court's head of press Lis M. Frederiksen said that Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra of Denmark will continue to appear side by side at traditional events like the opening of the Danish Parliament until the official divorce. She is however uncertain whether the couple also will appear together at the New Year's Levee next year. "We'll handle one event at a time," she says.

The tomb of Agnès Sorel, maitrêsse of King Charles VII of France, has been opened at Loches, France. Her remains will be examined to determine the cause of her death. After the examination the tomb will be transported to the collégiale Saint-Ours according to her last wishes.

September 24th
Prince Amedeo of Belgium Archduke of Austria-Este has passed an intensive military initiation in Elsenborn with flying colours. On October 7 he will be one of the newly promoted that will make their entrance in a ceremony at the Esplanade Square in the Jubelpark in Brussels with which the new academical year of the Royal Military School will be opened. The prince's family will attend the ceremony. The prince will study social and military sciences at the Royal Military School for one year. Thereafter he will start a normal universitary education.

The Argenteuil domain at Waterloo, once the residence of King Leopold III of the Belgians and his second wife Princess Lilian, has been sold for Euro 7.800.000 yesterday. Today it became known that the buyer is Mr Jean-Marie Delwart, who intends to set up a center for ethological studies.

Police is hunting an intruder who entered a private area of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, yesterday around noon. The palace is the Queen's official Scottish residence. The man escaped after being challenged by security staff inside the palace. He is said to have been posing as a workman and came within yards of the royal apartments. "Detectives are keen to determine who the man is and why he entered the private area of the palace," a force spokeswoman said.

Prince Harry of Wales has passed his Sandhurst Royal Military Academy exams and will join the army in early 2005. The four-day test included obstacle courses, medicals and planning exercise. Prince Harry said: "The last four days have been very challenging, both mentally and physically, but it's also been an enjoyable experience. I have set my sights on joining the Army and I am really looking forward to going to Sandhurst next year."

Lady Sarah Chatto has been named the new vice-president of the Royal Ballet. She follows in the footsteps of her late mother Princess Margaret, who was the Ballet’s first president. Monica Mason, the Royal Ballet's director, said the appointment was made "in recognition of her own interest and as a compliment and acknowledgement of the much valued support of HRH The Princess Margaret. As a child, Lady Sarah was brought to many performances at the Royal Opera House by her mother, the late Princess Margaret, and has inherited her mother’s great love and enthusiasm for ballet. We look forward very much to her continuing involvement with the whole organisation." The role also encompasses the Royal Ballet School and the Birmingham Royal Ballet. The Prince of Wales is the Royal Ballet's president.

The Japanese Imperial Household has released private home video footage and photos of little Princess Aiko with her parents at the royal palace to stop rumours that the princess is a late developer. The video was shot by Crown Prince Naruhito last July and last month and the intimate recording shows a laughing Aiko reciting popular children's rhymes, examining a picture book and playing with her mother as the two happily dance to harp music. Palace officials say that the crown princely couple decided to release the home video due to strong media and public interest. The video was shown on all major networks in Japan.

Crown Princess Masako of Japan today arrived in the resort of Nasu, together with Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Aiko. The trip by the crown princess is "part of her medical treatment" and this is "a very critical period for her recovery," said Hideki Hayashida, the grand master of the Crown Prince's Household. He also requested the media to refrain from taking photographs of Masako when she leaves the palace on private outings. "It will only distress her and she has already suffered enough".

September 25th
Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria married Daniel Terberger - son of Hans-Hermann and Inge-Margit Terberger - at the former Klosterkirche in Tegernsee. The bride arrived at the church with her father. She wore an ivory-coloured Duchess satin dress and a 200-year-old veil of Brusssels lace, also worn by her two elder sisters. Among the more than 500 guests were of course the families of both bride and groom, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prince Luitpold and Princess Beatrix of Bavaria, Prince Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria, Prince Manuel of Bavaria and his fiancée Princess Anna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Princess Pilar of Bavaria, Princess Felipa of Bavaria, Prince Konstantin of Bavaria, Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxemburg, Prince Hans Adam II and Princess Marie of Liechtenstein, Prince Philipp and Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein, the Duke and Duchess of Bragança, Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, Archduke Martin and Archduchess Katharina of Austria-Este, Archduchess Walburga of Austria with her husband Count Archibald Douglas and their son Mauritz, Margrave Max and Margravinne Valerie of Baden, Hereditary Prince Bernhard and Hereditary Princess Stephanie of Baden, Prince Ludwig and Princess Marianne of Baden, Hereditary Duke Friedrich and Hereditary Duchess Marie von Württemberg, Princess Yvonne von Hessen, Prince Georg and Princess Marie Gabriele von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg, Count Erich and Countess Mathilde von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg, Prince Albrecht and Princess Angela zu Oettingen-Spielberg, Prince Moritz and Princess Lioba zu Oettingen-Wallerstein, Prince Hubertus and Princess Alexandra Fugger von Babenhausen. Hundreds of people watched outside the church in the pouring rain. The menu afterwards contained lobster ravioli, cream of spinach with poached quails' eggs, boeuf bourguignon and Count Pückler ice bombe with chocolate sauce. The couple had met early 2000 in a caféhouse in Vienna, Austria.

The police confirmed yesterday that the intruder who entered a private area of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland, two days ago, was a journalist of the Sunday Times. The journalist bought a ticket at the visitor centre before sneaking through a door used by workmen wearing a hard hat. He managed to gain access to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh and get within yards of the Royal Apartments. He stood unchallenged in the State Rooms adjacent to the Queen's bedroom for 20 minutes. After being discovered with no pass by a workman, the journalist was told to report to security but he left the grounds instead. Les Snowdon, the Sunday Times Scotland editor, said he hoped this would be "a wake up call" for the Royal Family's security staff. Mr Snowdon said: "It is alarming that someone can get access to these areas by simply donning a hard hat and carrying a clipboard. Our investigation raises serious issues of security as that area of Edinburgh is home to two of Scotland's most important buildings." The police is angry that it took six hours before the newspaper revealed it was behind the breach. A police source said they were "seriously" considering charging the journalist.

Sources in Kuwait say that the country is to name Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah as the new Crown Prince. The health of the present Crown Prince, Sheikh Saad al-Abdullah al-Salem al-Sabah, is pretty bad. Younger members of the family might be promoted. The changes are expected to be announced following a meeting of the ruling family scheduled for early next week after the emir, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed al-Sabah, returns from medical tests in New York and a period of rest in Geneva. A member of the family, Sheikh Salem al-Ali al-Sabah, who ranks fourth in the family hierarchy, told Al-Qabas newspaper: "The change will serve Kuwait's interests and stability, and will further strengthen the strong bonds between the ruling family and the people."

Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand has broken her right arm it was announced yesterday by the Royal Household office. She slid and fell down earlier this week. She will continue her Royal activities.

September 26th
Peter Phillips, son of the Princess Royal, escaped injury after being involved in a car crash on its way to the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. He was one of the four Williams Formula 1 team employers in a van which was hit by a car. A Williams spokeswoman said two of his colleagues were taken to hospital for further checks but neither were seriously hurt.

September 27th
Prince Alexander and Princess Astrid von und zu Liechtenstein expect their first child late this year.

September 28th
Prince Harry of Wales started working as a volunteer Assistant Rugby Development Officer with the Rugby Football Union. He is spending six weeks helping the union unit which provides coaching to schools, clubs and communities. Director Terry Burwell said that the prince would help to promote the game: "He has passed the relevant training, including a Level 1 course in coaching tag and contact rugby. He is working with children of all ages in schools, clubs and communities to help them improve their understanding of the game."

September 29th
During a press meeting during the visit of Prince Joachim of Denmark to Toronto he unexpectedly answered some questions concerning his divorce. He said: "It's a difficult situation having to tell your children that you're breaking up." He also said that both he and Princess Alexandra have had the wellbeing of their children as first priority and that they support each other. "It's important not to throw it to their faces like brick stones. You have to be gentle." This is also the reason why they have looked closely at Prince Nikolai's first week in his new school, Krebs' school. And Nikolai is doing very well, the Prince pointed out. "He's keen on experiencing things. It's obvious to us that he needs stimulation so it was a good thing we did."

The newspaper Jyllands-Posten wrote today that the government proposes to give Princess Alexandra between 1.5 and 2 million kroner in yearly revenue. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen (the Liberals) meets with representatives from the Danish parties to discuss the matter on Friday. According to the newspaper, the proposal states that Prince Joachim has his 2.6 million cut to about 2 million kroner per year. A political majority is prepared to accept the extra expense. Only the Socialist People's Party and the Socialist Unity Party believe that Prince Joachim ought to support the Princess himself.

September 30th
Crown Prince Haakon of Norway will take part in a three-week long course to update his knowledge on planning and leading of military operations in war and in peacekeeping settings, the Army announced. The course, which will start mid-October, will take place at the Military Academy's premises in Linderud, Oslo.

In June Princess Alexandra of Denmark has bought a house in the Svanemølle-part of Østerbro, Copenhagen. The villa is 296 m2 and before was the Embassy of Slovenia. The house will be renovated from the inside and outside before the princess and her two sons will move in.

Royal News: August 2004. Last updated: September 5th, 2004.