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September 1st
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxemburg underwent surgery at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc at Brussels, Belgium. The surgery was performed by Professor Jacques Donnez, a gynaecologist. The long planned operation went well and without complications. When she returns home she will need several weeks of rest.

The Kingdom of Rwenzururu has been officially recognised by the government of Uganda. The coronation of Prince Charles Mumbere will take place on 19 October 2009, President Museveni of Uganda announced on Sunday during the 25th anniversary of South Rwenzori Diocese at St Paul's Cathedral in Kasese.

September 2nd
The Danish tv-channel DR last night aired a documentary on the occasion of the 10th birthday of Prince Nikolai of Denmark. The documentary shows an active boy, who has lessons in tennis, piano and French, and plays the bass.
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  • Philip Williams, a senior officer of the Metropolitan Police has said that the phones of Prince William and Prince Harry of Wales might have been hacked into by Clive Goodman, a reporter of the newspaper News of the World. There is no evidence to back the claims, but it was suspected. The allegiations haven't been brought up during the investigation into Goodman in 2007, when he was jailed for hacking voicemails of royal aides.

    Prince Radu von Hohenzollern-Veringen has withdrawn from the Romanian presidential race, he announced today. He said: "I withdraw with regrest, but with hope for the future." He says he lacks broad support from the political establishment and other groups in Romania.

    September 3rd
    Two new three-generation photos of King Harald V, Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway were released. They were taken on 28 August 2009.
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  • King Albert II of the Belgians has appointed Count John Cornet d'Elzius as advisor of Prince Philippe as of 1 September 2009. He was already his advisor from 2000 to 2004.

    Former King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia has returned to China after a stay in Cambodia. In China he will have routine medical tests and treatment. The King was diagnosed with cancer for the third time this year.

    September 4th
    Three investigations of the attack on Queen's Day 2009 in Apeldoorn were presented this afternoon. The motive of Karst Tates will never be known, it was said. Shortly after the attack, policemen talked to the attacker. He said he intended to hit the royal family, but it isn't clear if he also wanted to kill them. He called the Prince of Orange a fascist and a racist. It is thought he didn't know there were people standing on that part of the crossing, but he also didn't do anything to prevent hitting them. He had surveyed the area earlier that day, but at that time there was no public standing on that spot. If there had been no public, the attacker likely would have hit the royal bus. On Thursday Fred de Graaf, mayor of Apeldoorn, said that he will not again invite the royal family to visit Apeldoorn on Queen's Day, and he also thinks the royal family wouldn't feel much for the idea either.

    September 5th
    Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxemburg has left hospital this morning, and has returned to Berg Castle, where she will work on her recovery.

    Bernardo Guillermo, eldest son of Princess Christina of the Netherlands, married Eva Prinz-Valdes religiously at the Our Lady Queen of All Saints Church in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Their daughter Isabel Christina, who was born on 13 April 2009, was christened during the wedding ceremony. The civil wedding already took place in March 2009. Among the wedding guests were both parents of the groom Jorge Guillermo and Princess Christina, Nicolas Guillermo, Juliana Guillermo, the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, Princess Marilène van Oranje-Nassau van Vollenhoven, Princess Margarita de Bourbon de Parme and Tjalling ten Cate, Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme and Princess Carolina de Bourbon de Parme.
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    Hereditary Prince Carl-Christian zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich married Countess Christina Douglas religiously at the Marienstiftskirche in Lich, Germany. The service was led by pastor Sven Kießling and pastor Adelheid Groten. Witnesses were Countess Nathalie Hoyos, Celina von Luttitz, Caroline Liljenqvist and Prince Christian-Albrecht zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hohenstein. Afterwards a reception took place at Lich Castle. Among the guests were Princess Benedikte of Denmark, Prince Stephan and Princess Maria zur Lippe, Hereditary Prince Heinrich Donatus and Hereditary Princess Floria-Franziska von Hessen with children, Fürst Albrecht and Fürstin Marie-Luise zu Castell-Castell, Fürst Franz-Alexander von Ysenburg, Hereditary Prince Alexander von Isenburg, Hereditary Prince Carl-Ferdinand and Hereditary Princess Elna-Margret zu Bentheim und Steinfurt with son Jonathan, Fürst Alexander and Fürstin Gabriele zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, Fürst Philipp and Fürstin Leonille zu Stolberg-Wernigerode, Fürst Wolfgang-Ernst and Fürstin Leonille zu Ysenburg und Büdingen, Prince Maximilian and Princess Sophie zu Ysenburg und Büdingen with their children, Princess Felizitas zu Ysenburg und Büdingen, Prince Metfried and Princess Felicitas zu Wied, as well as many direct family members of the bridal couple. The couple already married civilly at the Thonetschlössl in Vienna, Austria, on 13 December 2008. Their son Louis was born on 5 September 2008. The bridal couple lives and works in Vienna.

    Prince Edouard de Ligne de Tremoïlle religiously married the Italian actress Isabella Orsini at the church of Antoing, Belgium today. The civil wedding took place at Antoing on Wednesday. Expected was that the bride's godfather, Italian president Silvio Berlusconi would come to the wedding, but he was too busy with his work.
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  • September 6th
    Prince Hisahito of Japan celebrated his third birthday today. According to the Imperial Household Agency the healthy prince is 94 cm tall and weighs 13,6 kilo. He likes lively activities, like riding a tricycle, playing ball and chasing. The Agency further said he recently learnt to eat and change clothes by himself.

    September 7th
    Fragments of the relics of Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna of Russia were transferred to the St Martha and Mary Convent in Moscow today. In a ceremony led by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the relics were placed on the icon stand in the centre of the church. They will be placed in a shrine bearing her image. Since 1921 the relics were kept in the Cathedral of St Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem. The Grand Duchess founded the Convent in Moscow in 1909.

    September 8th
    The engagement was announced between Count Christian Bernadotte and Christine Stoltmann. The couple became engaged during the summer holidays in Sweden. The couple met two years ago. Count Christian studies philosophy and sociology at the University of Konstanz. Christine Stoltmann works as a nurse in Münsterlingen, Switzerland. She was born at Duderstadt, Germany, in November 1977. The marriage will take place in the Summer of 2010.

    September 11th
    Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor became the parents of a second son on 8 September. The baby was born at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, Great Britain. The Italian website, that seems to have connections with Lady Nicholas Windsor's family, says the baby's names are Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph.

    September 12th
    Lord Frederick Windsor married actress Sophie Winkleman today at the Chapel Royal of Hampton Court Palace near London. The chapel was decorated with white and pale pink flowers including roses and jasmine garlands. The bride wore a dress of silk duchesse satin and silk taffeta designed by Roza Couture with a three-metre train. The bridesmaids were Matilda Thykier, Eloise Taylor, Iris Goldsmith, Countess Tatiana Szapary, Matilda Hubble and India Balfour. Lady Gabriella Windsor read from the Song of Solomon. In the late afternoon a champagne reception took place at the Great Hall of the palace. Among the 400 guests were Princess Eugenie of York, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Lady Helen Taylor, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, Laura Lopes née Parker Bowles and singer Bryan Adams. On Sunday the bridal couple took the plane to Los Angeles, where Sophie is soon to start a new filming job.
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  • September 13th
    The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands ended their visit to New York today. They visited New York on the occasion of the celebration of NY400, which is held to commemorate 400 years of friendship between the Netherlands and the USA. The visit focused on the area of Battery Park and the Hudson River. The princely couple among others also visited the military academy West Point, Albany, Ground Zero and Governors Island. They also attended the Four Freedom Awards ceremony and several dinners. Highlight of the US visit was the couple's visit to the White House in Washington, where the couple was officially received by the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Also president Barack Obama shortly came in to greet the princely couple.

    September 15th
    King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden opened the parliamentary session at Stockholm today. He was accompanied by Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine. The session began with a service at the cathedral of Stockholm. Afterwards the family drove by carriage from the royal palace to the Swedish Parliament. In the evening the family attended a concert at the Royal Opera House.

    Also in the Netherlands the parliamentary year was opened. Queen Beatrix, the Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima travelled in the golden carriage from the Noordeinde Palace to the Ridderzaal in The Hague. Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven came in another carriage. After returning to the palace the family briefly appeared on the balcony, loudly cheered by the public.

    September 16th
    Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen and his daughter-in-law Gabriele have lodged a complaint against the Austrian constitution. They say it is a shame that members of the imperial family of Austria are not allowed to become candidates in presidential elections. They say this law is against the equality of rights law and the right to free and democratic elections. The lawyer of the two family members, Mr Rudolf Vouk, said: "We are awaiting an answer from the government within four weeks." All members of the former imperial family of Austria, also the ones who married into the family, are included in the law that was made after the fall of the monarchy in 1918. The law also includes all royals from other families with the Austrian nationality.

    September 17th
    Several Dutch politicians have urged the government to cut the royal budget by 20% or freeze the apanages of the Dutch royal family, to set an example in these times of financial crisis. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende however said: "We have just agreed on the terms of the royal budget. In good times their allowances grow with the salaries of the civil servants, in other times they take a cut." He also said that two trusts used by Princess Christina of the Netherlands will soon move away from Noordeinde Palace, the office of her sister Queen Beatrix. The Princess has put the money she inherited from her parents in the Daffodil and the Crocus Trust, which are based in Guernsey. So far she used Noordeinde Palace as its seat.

    In the past week several magazines reported that the marriage of Princess Caroline of Monaco and Prince Ernst August of Hannover is over, and that the couple are seeking a divorce. The French magazine Paris Match wrote that Princess Caroline had moved back to Monaco and had left the couple's residence in Fontainebleau near Paris. The princely palace of Monaco has denied the rumours today and say: "The information is absolutely false and baseless."

    September 18th
    Today the 1094-page book "Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother: the Official Biography" by William Shawcross was published. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain asked Mr Shawcross herself six years ago to write the official biography about her mother. He was given access to the thousands of letters the Queen Mother wrote during her lifetime and he received unrestricted access to the Royal archives at Windsor Castle. The biography among others reveals that the Queen Mother suffered from colon cancer in 1966 and was successfully treated. It also reveals that the Queen Mother thought that King Edward VIII was "bemused with love" when he abdicated in 1936, and that nobody could persuade him to reconsider his decision to give up the throne and marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson. The biography further reveals that Princess Margaret of Great Britain has destroyed letters from the late Diana Princess of Wales in a bid to protect the British royal family.

    About 800 Nepalese monarchists demonstrated in the streets of Kathmandu today. They carried a petition, which they said was signed by more than two million people. They demand a formal referendum to decide on the fate of the monarchy before the new constitution of Nepal is completed. They think the people should be consulted about the move of the country from a Hindu monarchy to a secular republic.

    September 20th

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    Pieter Anton Maurits Erik van Vollenhoven, the son of Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Princess Anita van Oranje-Nassau, van Vollenhoven was christened today at the chapel of Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. The service was led by Ds. E.C. Roos. The godparents were Pieter van Vollenhoven, Prince Maurits van Oranje-Nassau, van Vollenhoven, Jonkvrouw Anouk van Doorn and Mrs Sandra Chollet. The christening was attended by most members of the family apart from Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima and the children of Princess Christina. The christening decoration will be on display at the chapel of Palace Het Loo until 27 September.
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  • King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand underwent a second check-up in four days at the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok. The King arrived at the hospital late on Saturday. He also visited the hospital on Wednesday for a routine check-up. According to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva there is no need to worry: "There is no problem with His Majesty's condition. From my chats with doctors, there is nothing to be concerned about. The medical panel will issue a statement this evening." The royal household announced that doctors said that the King was suffering from a fever, fatigue and loss of appetite. He is being treated with intravenous drips and antibiotics.

    King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia has returned to Cambodia. He arrived in Beijing, China, on 3 September to accompany his parents former King Norodom Sihanouk and Queen Norodom Monineath, who went to China for medical tests.

    September 21st
    Princess Máxima of the Netherlands has been named the new Special Advocate on Inclusive Finance by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon of the United Nations. Mr Ban said: "Your extensive knowledge and expertise makes you a perfect choice for this important undertaking. You will be able to work for the well-being of so many people who need our hands, who need your hands and who need the United Nations." He said to hope that Máxima's advocacy will make a tremendous difference.

    The Thai royal household office issued a statement about the condition of King Bhumibol Adulyadej saying: "In the past 24 hours His Majesty had less fever but he still has a loss of appetite. The medical team is still giving him antibiotics and nutrients."

    September 22nd
    The Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra Mrs Ogilvy and Prince Michael of Kent are to sell family treasures worth an estimated £1 million at auction at Christie's in London in November 2009. The silverware, paintings, jewellery and furniture belonged to the previous Duke of Kent, Prince George, and his wife Marina.

    September 23rd
    Valery Giscard d'Estaing, former president of France, has denied rumours that he once had an affair with Diana, Princess of Wales. His novel called "The Princess and the President" about a romance between a French leader and Princess Patricia of Cardiff is to be published next month. The heroin is clearly based on the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Giscard d'Estaing said: "I invented the facts, but not the places or the interiors. It is a novel where Princess Diana is the main character. I tried to bring her back to life as she was when we met. Let's not exaggerate things. I knew her a bit in a climate of trust." He said that the princess however had given him the idea for the book, and that the inscription of the book, "Promise kept", was meant for the late princess.

    Princess Eugenie of York has started her studies at the University of Newcastle today. She will take a three year Combined Studies degree in English literature, history of art and politics.

    Prince Dominik von und zu Liechtenstein died on 20 September at Vienna aged 59. He was the eldest child of Prince Karl Alfred von und zu Liechtenstein and Archduchess Agnes of Austria. The funeral will take place at Vaduz on 2 October 2009.

    September 24th
    King Mohammed VI of Morocco had his Aston Martin flown from Rabat to Great Britain to get it repaired. He chartered a Hercules transporter from his air force for the transportation to Cranfield. A truck took the car to the workshop of Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.

    The Thai royal household bureau said today that King Bhumibol Adulyadej is recovering and is eating more. He no longer has a fever and has been given physical therapy to help him regain strength.

    Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy is to stand trial on bribary charges. The proceedings will begin on 21 December at Potenza, Italy. In June 2006 the Prince spent a week in jail and a month under house arrest. He was questioned back then over allegiations of rigged slot machines installed in casinos with back-handers. He was also thought to have supplied glamorous East European escorts to Mafia mobsters. Prosecutors in Rome soon dropped the case, but prosecutors in Potenza continued the probe, and decided now that there is enough evidence to send the prince and five others, including his private secretary Gian Niccolino Narducci for trial. The judge thinks the prince should be tried for conspiracy to commit crime and corrupting public officials. The prince's lawyer said: "My client regrets this decision but he expected nothing less - however he remains confident that the truth will emerge in the face of such painful accusations. There is very little consistence to these allegations."

    Prince Ertugrul Osman Effendi of Turkey, who would have been the Sultan if Turkey still had been a monarchy, died of kidney failure in a hospital in Istanbul yesterday, aged 97. He was born in Istanbul in 1912. In Turkey he was known as the "last Ottoman". He was the last surviving grandson of Sultan Abdul Hamid II of Turkey, who ruled from 1876 to 1909. The family was expelled from Turkey in 1924 and the prince moved to New York in 1933. He returned to Turkey in 1992 for a visit and was granted Turkish citizenship in 2004. He married secondly in 1991 Zeynep Tarzi Hanim Efendi, a member of the royal family of Afghanistan.

    September 25th
    Count Christian af Rosenborg, a cousin of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, has been diagnosed with throat cancer. He is being treated at the hospital in Gentofte, Denmark. The royal court doesn't want to give more information at the moment.

    September 26th
    The Count and Countess of Paris were married religiously today at the église Saint-Jean-Baptiste de l'Uhabia at Arcangues, France. The bride wore a purple dressThe count of Paris and Micaela Cousiño y Quiñones de Léon married in a civil ceremony at Bordeaux on 31 October 1984. The count was granted an annulment of his first marriage to Duchess Marie-Therese von Württemberg by the Catholic Church in February. Most family members of the couple didn't attend the wedding as a token of protest. Among the about 130 guests were the Duke d'Anjou and the Duchess of Cadaval, the countess d'Evreux, Prince Alexandre and Princess Lea of Belgium. The witnesses of the groom were the Count de La Panouse, the Duchess of Segorbe née Princess Maria da Gloria de Orleans e Bragança and the Duke d'Uzès. The witnesses of the bride were the Countess de Bourbon Busset, the Duchess de Magenta and Marquess Michel d'Arcangues.
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    Prince Ertugrul Osman Effendi of Turkey was buried in the garden of the mammoth Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul today. His funeral was attended by hundreds of mourners, among them Turkish state ministers, artists and media. Even the family of the deceased were stunned about the huge crowd of mourners.

    September 29th
    The Duchess of York has signed a contract with a major American company that will turn her six more recent children's books into films that will run as a series. The Duchess didn't reveal the name of the film company yet.

    In a statement the Royal Household Bureau of Thailand said that the overall condition of King Bhumibol Adulyadej has improved. They say that a chest X-ray found that lung inflammation has reduced." The doctors continue to treat the king with antibiotics and nutrients intravenously. The king's temperature returned to normal on 22 September, but returned a few days later. The fever is lower now, the statement said.

    September 30th
    The annual budget for 2010 of the Spanish royal family has been frozen because of the recession. Like in 2009 they will receive 8,96 Million Euro.

    Archaeologists believe they have found the fabled rotating banqueting hall of Roman Emperor Nero in the remains of the Golden Palace on Palatine Hill in Rome, Italy.

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