April 30th, 2011

What to do the day after a royal wedding? After breakfast Anuschka went to the airport and headed home. I went outside to buy some newspapers and then returned to the hotel. As it was Queen's Day I had to work as usual on this day. So I opened the laptop and was happy to see I could follow Queen's Day online, despite being in London. At the end of the morning however my colleague informed me that I could also report about Queen's Day the next day or on Monday morning. Thus I quickly packed my bag and left the hotel.

I headed for Westminster Abbey, as I knew it was open on Saturday. When I arrived I saw long queues all around the Abbey. It turned out there was one row for credit cards and one for cash money. The last one was the shortest, so after a look in my wallet I decided to stand in that queue. I bought myself the first royal wedding magazine, which was sold to people in the queue. Around one o'clock, after about one and a half hours, I finally managed to reach the entrance door of the Abbey. After paying the entrance fee I got in.

Inside the Abbey it was surprisingly quiet. I had expected I would be hardly able to see something, but on the contrary there was more than enough space to have a look around. At the grave of the unknown soldier I admired the small but very beautiful bridal bouquet of the Duchess of Cambridge. Afterwards I enjoyed the tree and flower decoration at the aisle and the choir of the Abbey. Of course I also toured the rest of the Abbey, and had a look at all the royal and non-royal graves. At the end I bought some booklets and postcards in the shop.

Then I called Christine that I was on my way to Piccadilly Street to meet her. We met in front of a bookshop. Of course we had a look inside and I bought a few books. Christine also gave me the first wedding postcards, which she had bought early in the morning at the Abbey. Unbelievably quick. We also had a look around for some wedding souvenirs, and ended up buying tea cans with a picture of the bride and groom.

The next day I headed home after a last stroll around Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. On the airport I bought myself the Hello and some other magazines with wedding reports, and the last newspapers.