And my name is …

On my search for a name for the new cat in my life, I received tens of lovely royal suggestions. From Amalia to Beatrix/Beatrice and Diana, to Lili/Lilly, Sisi, Noor and Juliana (Juultje), Vicky, Catherine and Fabiola, Emma and Mabel, or even Duchess or Princess. In the end it was a “contest” between Lizzie, Cleo(patra) and Daisy. As one of the girls in the neighbourhood is already named Lizzie, I in the end decided to call her Daisy, the nickname of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Daisy still much prefers to stay outside. But now it is getting colder and it rains more, inside seems to become more popular. She especially loves to sleep near my desk chair, or on my rucksack.

5 thoughts on “And my name is …

  1. Beautiful choice. A happy name. A wonderful Queen to be named after especially in the celebratory 50 th year of her reign.
    Purrs and paw hugs to Daisy from my cat Monet.

  2. Lovely name, and so good to hear news about your new cat! I was excited that my suggestion, Cleopatra, was in the final contest! However, I think that Daisy was a better choice, especially because of Queen Margrethe’s anniversary, but also since the daisy is my favourite flower! I absolutely love it, as well as the jewellery collection by Georg Jensen called “Daisy”. I’m looking forward to hear more about your Daisy.

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