Back in Time (3)

My first foreign castle visit took place in July 1984. During our vacation on a camping in Hardenberg, The Netherlands, we for the first time really crossed the border. A very special event for us. In April we had been in Weerselo for a few days celebrating my parents 12 1/2 wedding anniversary and couldn’t do it then, as my sister and I weren’t mentioned in my parents passport. We only set one foot over the border at the time, which was already exciting for two girls aged 10 and 8, as you can imagine.

But in July we really went. Not that Bad Bentheim is really far from the Netherlands, but it was in a foreign country. On the left a picture of me (in the back) with my younger sister in the gardens of the castle. On the right a picture of me in May 2008 visiting the same garden. I have been there one time in the 1990s also, but I am afraid I really have to search when I want to find any picture of that visit (pre-digital).

Burg Bentheim is the property of the Princely Family zu Bentheim und Steinfurt. As you can see my last visit was quite rainy. But I can assure you we did enjoy it anyway.

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