Cycling through the countryside

At the moment it seems I have little time to update the blog. Unlike many people I am working as usual. However in the past, nearly, three months the Covid-19 crisis has had its influence on my life. No fitness centre, no dancing, and if you’re still building up your physical condition after an illness, that isn’t easy. Luckily dancing lessons and balls continued via Zoom, but lacking space – I had a 2 by 2 metres big dance floor in my living room.

Luckily the weather was great. Where in countries like Spain and France people were only allowed to leave their houses for essential shopping, in the Netherlands we were more or less free to move around, when keeping 1,5 metres distance. To keep myself fit, I did some walking and have started to cycle once every weekend, as long as the weather is good enough and not too windy. Only once thus far the weather was too bad.

While not being able to travel, and not having a car or even a license, I rely on my bicycle right now. I’ve never been a sportive person, so who knows me might be surprised. Like a lot of people (but luckily not too many) I have started to get to know the countryside around the city of Groningen. Nature is at its best in spring and summer. Flowers, animals and their little ones, overall friendly people, and sometimes even a take-away.

Times are getting better soon I hope. Since we’re still not allowed to dance inside, instead this week we started dancing outside. It is allowed as long as we keep distance and it doesn’t look like a social gathering, which means no breaks or refreshings. But we’re all happy seeing each other again in good health.

I however have started to like the cycling, so weather permitted, I might well continue my rides through the countryside. I am even considering buying an e-bike. As long as travelling by train and bus isn’t that safe I prefer not to go for long trips, and as off 1 June 2020 you need a face mask when using the public transport. Here in the north it seems that it is possible to take your bike with you in the train. And there is a lot of the province of Groningen yet to discover. I just wished we had more royalty related places and castles around here … but I made a start this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Cycling through the countryside

  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying your bicycle rides in the countryside, Netty. Wonderful. Good for your health. It is too bad you are jot near the castles. But it is pretty and interesting nonetheless.
    Where do they hold the outdoor dancing? Do many people come out? Have fun.

    1. In the park next to your Groningen hotel. We were about 30 people I think on Wednesday. And everybody does his/her best to keep a proper distance. Much better than the people in the streets in the city centre or in the supermarket.

  2. So nice to read!! I hope you will get many more possibilities to ride your bike and discover new places.

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