Forever To Read List

I really wished I would have more time. As many people I know, who love reading, I have an endless must-read list, and it is getting rather longer than shorter.

You’d think with the corona crisis I would have more time, as I travel less, there is somewhat less work, but on the contrary. I used to be able to sit on my sofa in the evening and weekend for hours, totally under the spell of the stories I was reading. Somehow since my illness three years ago, and eye problems due to my age, I miss the concentration when reading or even watching TV. I am easily distracted, read much too fast, only see half of what is on TV. I find it really irritating.

And it is not that I don’t have interesting books either at home or on my e-reader. There are enough interesting books that I’d love to read. I haven’t even visited the library for months, the place where I usually get the newest crime novels and an occcasional royal book. However at home there is already this pile of books that I really want to read in the near future, but that have been around already for weeks, months or even longer. After a long day dealing with royals, I don’t always want to read about them either. Soon there will be a few important books to review, that of course should get priority.

Anyway I hope it gets better again when the days are longer and brighter, as these books are waiting. I have already started with Hermine and Explore Sweden though.

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