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Last weekend I visited the holiday fair “Reis!” in the Martiniplaza in Groningen. A nice way to discover new places, learn about new cultures and dream of the places you want to visit one day. Everybody who likes to travel, probably knows what I am talking about. Saving some money and go to places you have never visited or a long time ago. Myself, I have never been outside Europe (oh well, does the Asian side of Istanbul count?), but even in Europe there is so much to see that it is hard to do it in a lifetime unless you have all the time and money in the world.

My next trip will be to London in Spring. Together with a few friends we will go to Legoland Windsor, for me it is most about the Lego castles of course. And in London I certainly will visit the Diana exhibition at Kensington Palace. I think I have seen most royal spots in London by now, but there is always something to do in the city.

Places I’d love to see back are Prague (Czechia) and Vienna (Austria), and during my one time visit to Poland many years ago I hardly saw anything historical as we were there for a wedding. I also was in awe with Scotland. When I visited Prague and Vienna a digital camera was still something rather new, and all I had myself was an analogue camera. When I went to Prague I didn’t even have one myself yet and bought myself a disposable camera, with which I could take 36 (!) photos, including some panorama-pictures. So yes, I do have a few souvenir pics of these trips, but less than you have nowadays. Although nowadays you sometimes wonder why you have taken hundreds of photos during a short trip … Czechia must be a beautiful country anyway, and I wasn’t aware, until I was there, that Dresden, Germany, was actually pretty close to Czechia and no I didn’t have time to cross the border. Czechia is said to have so many wonderful castles (a few can be seen here) that I would certainly not mind having a look.

Furthermore I’d really want to go to – and that is only in Europe – Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany, Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra), Sint-Petersburg in Russia, the Loire Castles in France, Hungary, Romania … and there are so many other places, even in the neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium, that I haven’t seen yet. And I’d love to see a bit more of Great Britain. Oh, and that trip to the King Cities in Morocco … (when in the end I decided to go to Istanbul).  But whether I have enough time to see everything I want? I doubt it.

So what are your dream destinations?

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