I Finally can be Found on Instagram

Yeah, you might call me old fashioned, but I’ve never really liked telephones anyway. So only now I have bought myself a smartphone. Of course I went for a rather cheap one, but from a good brand, as I really have no idea how often I am going to use it. So no, not the newest iPhone for me.

The main reason for buying one, is that this way I am more reachable for my boss when I am travelling, especially during the week or a royal occasion I’d like to attend. So now I can check my e-mails even when I am not at home, and quickly go online to research something when necessary.

I of course thought all I needed was a smartphone, but no. You need a glass cover, a cover for the phone itself. And as I didn’t buy one with lots of space I decided for an extra SD-card also. Today I was in the very cheap shop around the corner and bought this cute little round box for ear plugs and other stuff. Don’t worry, that was about the cheapest I bought these days (not even 1 Euro).

Good thing about it is, that now I can really start using Instagram when I am travelling. My account can be found here. I already had opened one to be able to follow people, but it really is something for smartphones as you can’t post anything on it when you only have a home computer. But in the future you might find tiny posts by me there.

October 2017 was one of the most expensive months anyway I think. I also needed to buy a new computer, as the old one was starting to slow down so much, that it sometimes took ages to download or save something. Not surprising as my old one was nearly seven years old and intensively used (I usually have it open about 12 hours a day for work and private). They are surprisingly easy to install nowadays, although there are still a few things I have to do. I already had Windows 10, so luckily I don’t really have to get used to it anymore.

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