It’s one of these Fridays again!

When you think that being a royalty journalist is always a relaxed profession, you are quite wrong. Today was one of these Fridays again, although luckily just for a short time. Somehow royal courts have decided some years ago that the late Friday afternoon is the best timing to send out an important press announcement. Just when you think – at least if you like me work for an agency that normally works on week days only – you can close down some pages on your internet and relax for the rest of the day, some highly important news comes in, that has to be done right away. It happens only a few times a year, but anyway.

Today it was something small, that however was too important to be left for Monday. It just took me over half an hour extra work. But if you’re not lucky it is an announcement of a pregnancy, birth, engagement, marriage or worse of course a death and you spend half of the evening writing and searching for pictures – and hardly have time to eat. It has happened that I just quickly ran to the snackbar around the corner to get some food and return back to my computer.

Sometimes I wonder if it is really a coincidence or that they’re actually teasing us by choosing this part of the week to announce something rather important. Anyway news has been sent to customers now and my weekend can finally begin (I hope).

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