It’s royal Christmas market time

When you want to have royal decoration for Christmas you don’t have to look far. Last weekend I visited the Christmas show at a local garden centre and I did see lots and lots of decoration with crowns. Frogs, birds, mice, even the carriage of Cinderella. I already have far too much decoration, so I only decided to buy the King and Queen of mice. I just couldn’t resist.

The Christmas villages of Dickensville are terribly popular here (and expensive unfortunately). There is a complete series of important buildings of the Eleven Cities of the province of Friesland. Among them I spotted the Grote of Jacobijnerkerk (Great, or Jacobin Church), where the Frisian Nassaus are buried. And as King Willem-Alexander skated the 11-cities-tour himself in 1986 there are also two tiny figures – one of him and one when he is greeted by his parents at the finish line. Of course they didn’t sell any of these two when I was there. But I spotted Willem-Alexander (or W.A. van Buren how he called himself) on the display anyway.

This Saturday despite of the rain I decided to visit the Swedish (Scandinavian) Christmas market in town. Really a wonderful market, but again I only bought one thing. Two men sold all kind of Scandinavian Christmas plates. When asking they didn’t think there was anything royal among them. But when I searched a bit, I did find one from 1975 with Marselisborg Slot on it and at the back also the text “The Queen’s Christmas Residence”. As the plate was lovely and not that expensive to my opinion (10 Euros) I took it home with me. It is by Royal Copenhagen by the way.

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