Let’s Introduce You To … An Almost Royal Cat!

No, this is actually not my cat. One of the neighbours in the back must be the owner, I have no idea whom it is. Although I really wonder how much time he spends there. He hangs around in my garden daily, sometimes even most of the day. And when I come outside, he sometimes follows me everywhere. He meows, purrs, hugs my legs, tumbles on the tiles. And other times I find him sleeping in a basket near the wall of my house. He just is NOT allowed inside, although if he wouldn’t have a home, I would adopt him instantly.

But I couldn’t resist giving this cutie a name, although he doesn’t really listen to it. Male and red … and just a few weeks after the royal wedding. It couldn’t be anything else but Prince Harry, couldn’t it? I just hope the real Prince Harry doesn’t mind having a cute namesake in the Netherlands.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Introduce You To … An Almost Royal Cat!

  1. Such a beautiful cat!!! Harry is a perfect name!! I would be very happy if you could update us on “Harry” later!

  2. Een hele mooie kat en ook een toepasselijke naam, Harry. Houd ons op de hoogte als je wilt van deze mooie en bijzondere kat, als je wilt.

  3. Grappig – wordt ie zomaar als “royal cat” betiteld! Leuk geschreven en veel plezier verder met Harry!

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