Ministeck – Fredensborg Palace

When cleaning up all kind of clippings from newspapers and magazines I found an embroidery pattern of Fredensborg Palace in Denmark, which was published in the Danish magazine Hjemmet, probably in May 2004 as I remember having bought one around the time of the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. I knew I had Ministeck somewhere from my youth and just tried to create the palace last week. Unfortunately my Ministeck-collection is not very big, so I clearly need more of it and in more colours too to make something like this the correct way. I just used blue for the roofs, as I had a limited amount of green stones. Creating this of Ministeck is so much easier and quicker than embroidering.

I know I might have more patterns, but it will costs lots of time to find them I am afraid. So if anyone knows where to find them or can send me a copy (I really don’t need more than that), let me know. I am looking for anything noble or royal: castles, palaces, people, royal yachts, etc.

One thought on “Ministeck – Fredensborg Palace

  1. Hoe creatief! Ik had misschien wel borduurpatronen van paleizen etc. gehad, maar alles is al bij het goede doel beland. Jammer! Mama

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