My Royal Plans for 2017

There are always plans. For 2017 I have planned a trip to London and Windsor (Legoland, not the Castle!). Luckily this is just in the period Kensington Palace remembers Princess Diana, who died 20 years ago. Hope to meet at least one of my royalty friends in London.

I surely want to go to the Hermitage in Amsterdam and Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn again. The first museum will have the exhibition “2017. Romanovs & Revolution” from 4 February to 17 September 2017. The Palace has announced an interesting exhibition “Chapeaux! The Hats of Queen Beatrix” that will be on display from 23 March to 27 August 2017. Both exhibitions sound very promising.

Oh yes, there is also the wedding of Prince Ernst August von Hannover Junior and his fiancée Ekaterina Malysheva, likely at the Marienburg early July 2017. The castle is near Hannover, which is just a few hours by train from here. But interested fans fear that the area might be closed for the wedding – an easy thing to do as the castle is situated on top of a high hill (or is it mountain?).

I had some plans for 2016 that I had to cancel, like visiting some royal sites in the Province of Groningen, The Netherlands. Also I want to visit the other castles in Leer, Germany (just across the border) and was thinking of going to Leeuwarden. I just received the list of new Orange Nassau walks through the city of Leeuwarden. Royalty-expert Bearn Bilker leads interested people through the city, that once was the residence of the Stadtholders of Friesland, ancestors of the Dutch royal family. Groups can book it (in Dutch, Frisian, German, French or English), but there are also six planned walks. On 23 June and 1 July 2017 is the Nassau Walk, on 29 July and 2 September 2017 the Maria Louise Walk, on 5 and 12 August 2017 the Anna of Hannover Walk. All walks start at 1.30pm at the Grote of Jacobijnerkerk in Leeuwarden and cost € 4,00 a person. In case you’re interested: you can sign in at [email protected].

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