Neighbourhood exhibitions of my non-royal photo

After my photo of my neighbourhood was shown on a screen in the Groninger Museum in June, I had to wait for a while. But finally the photo together with about 30 other photos taken by people from the Oosterparkwijk in Groningen, The Netherlands, was also exhibited in the area itself.

I was invited for a meeting with some other photographers on 24 October to have a look at our photos, that hung at five locations in the Oosterparkwijk. We walked around and I must say it was lovely to see all these photos on the walls of places where people could see them almost daily. Mine was at the shop of the Salvation Army. Soon afterwards I discovered that the photos were only there until the end of the month of October. I had no idea what they were going to do with the photos afterwards. When attending the opening of the new community centre of “WIJ Oosterparkwijk” I discovered the photos were exhibited there. It was quite a busy afternoon, so I guess lots of people had a look at them.

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