Prince Harry: The adventures of a royal cat (3)

I won’t bother you with cat stories all the time, but some people might want an update on Prince Harry and a good photo now I am certain he is not someone else’s.

I want to let you all know that I am doing fine. I have been sleeping a lot in the past few days, mainly on Netty’s bed, which is my new favourite spot in the house. I am eating and drinking quite well. However now I am feeling better and have more energy, I’d love to go outside again. Netty however doesn’t let me, although occasionally she disappears from the house herself. She says that the vet told her to keep me inside for another week if possible. She also has to spray my wounds twice a day or so, which is very irritating. At least she is happy that I have started to learn how to use my cat toilet, but it took a few days.

from Royal Cat

Prince Harry

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