Prince Harry: The adventures of a royal cat (4)

It has been a while since you all heard from me, unless you follow my Twitter account or Netty’s personal Facebook (for friends only she says).

I am celebrating my 4th birthday today. It occured to Netty earlier that the vet might have chosen the date because it is International Cat Day. She has no idea what my real birthday is. I could be a bit older, possibly even a tiny bit younger. She’d like to celebrate it with me, but thus far I have only been inside the house once today for a quick snack. At least I come over a few times a day.

Much too warm to my liking right now (more than 30C), so Netty guesses I am hiding under some bushes most of the day. So should she. She is in the house most of the time and doesn’t even go cycling these days. However she thinks I should stay inside, where it is colder. But guess what, I am still no fan of houses, unless it is really cold or wet. Cats shouldn’t live in houses! I never get used to it and especially hate it when someone is at the door. And people surely shouldn’t come inside.

I am still not a big friend of most of the neighbour cats either and my enemy, a grey one, is sometimes hunting me. Of course I know that I can jump through the cat flap any time, and he can’t get me there. I also found myself a nice place to sleep in one of the small trees just outside the garden, where nobody can see me.

The cat sitter, Netty’s neighbour, has moved a few weeks ago, which is not too funny, because she loved cats very much and always gave me plenty of food, also outside. I won’t miss her two cats though. I wonder if she will ask the neighbour upstairs, the one I have bitten last year. On the other hand she is also talking about moving to another place when she finds one. But she is rather picky – not much traffic, some green, more space – and it is hard to find a new house. As long as I do like it also, I might intend to move with her.

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3 thoughts on “Prince Harry: The adventures of a royal cat (4)

  1. Hello Harry! So good to hear from you again! You are a very beautiful cat, and I especially love the colour of your fur! Looking forward to hear from you again!

  2. Hello Harry
    My new mummy is a friend of your mummy. I am happy to have a furrever home. Mummy adopted me a week ago. I am two. Maybe we can be friends too.
    Lady Arthur Monet is my full title. Mum calls me Monet.

    1. I’d be pleased to be your friend, as long as you don’t turn up on my doorstep, Harry says, or he’ll chase you out (he does with all cats, honestly, he’s quite a lonesome boy).

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