Royal Cat II

Oh well, what to say. Someone seems to have left this poor, likely female, black cat behind when moving homes recently. I’ve also heard a story that that person took care of her, while she actually belonged to another neighbour, who recently died. But anyway, this cutie is hanging around here a lot in recent weeks, and I am willing to take her in, if she wants me.

Thus far she comes here for some food, and walks around the house once in a while. But the weather is far too good according to her to even think of staying inside. Although, when it was heavily raining one evening last week, she decided to sit on the doormat until it got better outside.

Whatever happens, I want to give her a name, a royal name. Does anyone have suggestions? Sissi, Sisi, Sienna, Beatrice, Amalia, Alexia have been some names that were mentioned to me. I myself am still totally undecided.

7 thoughts on “Royal Cat II

  1. Heb ooit een keer gelezen, dat er in het midden een r moet staan – dat is herkenbaar voor een kat. Sarah b.v.

  2. Oh, so beautiful!! She looks very much like the cat of my uncle’s family, and they called her Cleopathra. Isn’t that a great royal name?!

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