Royal cooking – Trying recipes from Meghan’s Together cookbook

When I was in London in March 2019 I bought myself the much written about book “Together. Our Community Cookbook” by The Hubb Community Kitchen with a foreword by HRH The Duchess of Sussex in the shop at Kensington Palace. I can cook, but am not really inventive, and love to follow recipes if they are not too difficult.

Of course the recipes were all in English, so I had to use Google for a bit of translation, mainly of the ingredients. Last weekend I decided to give it a go and try out a few not too difficult looking dishes. It turned out the biggest challenge was to find the products. There is a food market in the city centre a few times a week, and it turned out I could find all vegetables, the cheese and some spices there. Afterwards all I had to do was go to the supermarket to get the missing ingredients.

As the weather was pretty warm and I was tired after a long day, I decided to make the “green omelette” on Saturday, as dinner instead of breakfast. I had two of them and that was enough to fill my stomach. I must say the omelette tasted rather nice and even looked good. On Sunday I made the Fattoush salad, which was quite lovely also. Only wondered about the pitta bread, as on the picture in the book it looks much thinner than mine.

I am glad the dishes turned out looking and tasting pretty good. The good thing of course is, that I can always try out new things myself, as there are no other people I have to cook or bake for. Knowing now that the dishes are partly not that difficult to create, I might give more recipes a try. The bad thing is I had lots of leftovers, so I have eaten salad for at least two more days, although I had to add a few small ingredients.

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