The royal events I really would love to attend one day

When you have health problems that bad that you wonder if you will ever be able again to attend royal events, you wonder what is left to wish for. There are many places to travel to, although nothing that I really still have to do. There are also many events I still would love to see. Of course I will never be able to do it all, even when I travel somewhere each year. Nor do I have the money for it.

Being the 14th of July, Victoriadagen (Victoria Day), I realised that that is one of the events that I absolutely would love to attend. It is always such a joy to see the pictures of this day, especially now Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has her own family and brings her husband and two young children with her. Each year I see reports and photos of friends and acquaintances who go there and remember that is where I would like to go to one day. Of course Öland is a lovely Swedish island too and I haven’t seen that much of Sweden yet, apart from a bit of Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm.

National days and birthdays of monarchs too are something special. In some countries it looks quite boring, while in other countries it is much more fun. The Netherlands is of course great and I have been there several times. In 2013 I have been to the Belgian one, that is more formal, and I also went to Liechtenstein once many years ago. I am not too attracted to Spain and Luxembourg. However Sweden and Norway would surely be wonderful if I ever manage to plan that. Trooping the Colour in Great Britain might be interesting too, while the birthday of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is just a balcony scene, but you see about the whole family.

Weddings are always a joy to attend. I actually prefer them rather smaller than bigger. I haven’t been to a royal wedding since July 2017 and I can’t wait to see another one. I’d love to be there when Amalia, the Princess of Orange (The Netherlands), gets married one day, or any of her colleagues like Elisabeth, the Duchess of Brabant (Belgium).

As I regretted not going to London when the Queen Mother died, it would be very interesting to go to a similar event. Not that I wish anyone to die! Among the other events that I would love to see in real is also Garter Day. Even without foreign royals attending, like this year, there still is enough to see. And wouldn’t a coronation be amazing?

Which event(s) are you dreaming of?

4 thoughts on “The royal events I really would love to attend one day

  1. I want to go to any! April 30 always sits big on my calendar but my bank account doesn’t agree)

    1. Hi Netty
      I would like to see Queen Margrethe and others in the Danish royal family and Crown Princess Victoria and family in Sweden. Also on my list would be to see Crown Prince Haakon and Mette Marit and kids.
      I have been to several British royal family events over the years in Britain and in Canada. And now that I have been to King’s Day in the Netherlands I am quite satisfied seeing the royals there. Plus I saw Princess Magriet and Peter here in Canada, as well as Beatrix here when she was Queen. And I have also seen Queen Sophia 2x up close at the theatre in Madrid and Felipe and Letizia 2x from a distance. Juan Carlos was there too but I was watching the others. LOL.
      That’s my list.
      I doubt I would go for a funeral. A coronation day or wedding day would be nice. But as time marches on and I get older, standing for hours in crowds is not that appealing.

  2. Hi Kendra
    Remember me from the Monarchist League of Canada? I visited with Netty in Groningen when over in Holland for King’s Day in Amersfoort!

  3. I would love to do Norway’s National Day, as well as April 30 in the Netherlands. My camera would have a great day.
    You must do VIctoriadagen -and see if you can get accredited for concert and Solliden. The two are separate, the latter is arranged through the palace. Solliden is wonderful. One of the hotels to choose from is Dronning Victoria, which was Queen Victoria’s summer home. There is a path that will take you to Solliden .. I walked to Borgholm and back — but one night I did get a cab as I was exhausted. Definitely worth it.

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