Travelling to Events – How to Plan

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Often people wonder: you go to all these wonderful events. How do you do that?

The first thing of course you need is a date and a place for the event, preferably including the starting time. Whether it is a simple engagement by one or more royals or a royal wedding, that are the most important things you need to know.

If it is not far away all you need to know of course how to get there. Can you get there by own or eventually public transport? As I don’t have a driver’s license, I usually travel by bus or train. If necessary try to get a day or half a day off from work. If it is further away, you need to do the same. But if you need a hotel, find yourself one situated as close to the place of the event as possible, with a parking space or on a decent distance from a railway station or busstop.

I almost always try to book a hotel or guest house (Gaststätten in Germany can be great) online that I still can cancel. Recently in Hannover about two weeks before something better came up online than I had booked previously. And of course in case you have to change dates or cancel it is much handier and less costly. I really don’t need something expensive, although rather good internet is a big must nowadays. Usually I am only at the hotel in the evening and night anway. And especially in a bigger town you can buy your breakfast easy elsewhere anywhere, if it is not included in the hotel prize.

Worst is of course when an event is cancelled if you put money and time in it. It never happened to me, but I know stories of others. What to think about the people who booked a trip to the Order of the Garter service in Windsor this year, that was cancelled only weeks beforehand.

Fun thing about bigger events is that you often can meet up with people you either already know, or only know from the Internet. I prefer travelling alone, but have discovered it is great fun to hang out with other royalty watchers, as often we have about the same interests and like to see the same things. Usually at least one of us has made a list of interesting things to see in the neighbourhood. Good think is also that they’re not so impatient when you stay inside a bit longer than they do. And there is always someone around to take pictures of you at sites. Although, to be honest, we often forget.

Important is of course to keep the batteries of your camera fully uploaded. Don’t miss out to have some extra batteries with you. And be sure you have enough space on your memory cards.

Just one thing: leave a bit of space in your luggage for souvenirs, books and other stuff you find in bookshops or museums. So don’t take too much with you.

If you have any questions, just ask.

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