Turning 50

Half a year from now I will celebrate my 50th birthday. No particular thoughts on that, although it sounds old. I am however glad I share my birth year with a group of royals. Thus far none of them has announced a big party, except of course for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, who on 15 September celebrates his 50th anniversary on the throne. Whom do I share my year of birth with?

  • Queen Mathilde of the Belgians (20 January 1973)
  • Tuanku Zara Salim, Sultanah of Perak (22 March 1973)
  • Tatjana von Lattorff née Princess of Liechtenstein (10 April 1973)
  • Tengku Sharifa Fazira of Perlis (5 June 1973)
  • Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway (20 July 1973)
  • Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway (19 August 1973)
  • Prince Daniel of Sweden (15 September 1973)
  • Tengku Zatashah of Selangor (12 October 1973)
  • Sultanah Nur Zahirah of Terengganu (7 December 1973)

I have always felt something of a special connection to some of them, particularly Mathilde, Haakon and Mette-Marit. And then, years later, along came Daniel, born two days after me. It would be quite a bit of fun figuring out what they think about becoming 50. Mathilde has said something about that in a rare interview in January. She didn’t really think it would be much different from another birthday. Haakon and Mette-Marit are apparently not going to throw a big party either. And Daniel can’t because his father-in-law is celebrating on the big day.

© Rosy / Pixabay

Myself I have decided to throw a real party. Normally I hardly celebrate, only invite a few friends, but for once it should be different. As I never married I always shouted I was going to wear a bridal gown or a Sisi-gown. Recently I accidentally ran into a great dress which is none of these, but still rather fancy. I have also booked the venue – something with a nicely sounding name – and catering. My sister is helping with some other things. One of my dancing friends turned out to be a stylist … Not sure whether I should wear a tiara yet.

And I have invited the first people of the in total 49 people I intend to ask, have come up with a few plans. Official invitation – also already created – should go out soon. Honestly I all find it pretty scary. What if a lot of people don’t want to come or can’t come? What if they don’t like the party at all? Theme of course is somewhat royal, although I know not all of them are into royalty.

If anyone has tips how to make it fun, let me know!

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