Which big royal event would you love to attend?

There is still a long list of royal events that I would love to attend, either as a fan, journalist or even a guest if I am ever lucky enough. These are rather high on my wishlist for European monarchies, although some events are (hopefully) still far, far away.

  • Belgium: The wedding of Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant
  • Belgium: The inauguration of Queen Elisabeth
  • Denmark: A huge birthday party, the first to come being the 80th birthday of Queen Margrethe II in April 2020 (and I am going!)
  • Denmark: The wedding of Prince Christian
  • Liechtenstein: The wedding of Prince Joseph Wenzel
  • Luxembourg: The inauguration of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume
  • Luxembourg: National day
  • Monaco: Attend either the Rose Ball or the Red Cross Ball
  • Monaco: National day
  • Monaco: The wedding of Hereditary Prince Jacques
  • Netherlands: The inauguration of Queen Amalia
  • Netherlands: The wedding of Princess Amalia, Princess of Orange
  • Netherlands: Photosession in Lech, Austria
  • Norway: National Day
  • Norway: The consecration of King Haakon VIII
  • Norway: The wedding of Princess Ingrid Alexandra
  • Spain: The wedding of Leonor, the Princess of Asturias (hopefully less rainy than her parents’s wedding)
  • Spain: Attending a photo session at Mallorca
  • Sweden: Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday at Öland
  • Sweden: National Day
  • Sweden: Nobel Prize
  • Sweden: The wedding of Princess Estelle
  • UK: Trooping the Colour
  • UK: Royal Ascot
  • UK: Garter Day
  • UK: A huge royal funeral (not too soon please)
  • UK: The wedding of Prince George
  • UK: The coronation of King Charles III and King William V
  • UK: The investiture of the next Prince of Wales

What would be your dream royal event to attend? Please answer below, on Facebook or Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Which big royal event would you love to attend?

  1. I’d go to all of them if I had the money to go! I don’t know about making Pr George’s wedding as I’ll be in my 90’s by then! Have a wonderful time at Qn Margrethe’s birthday event!

  2. Een verjaardag in Zweden, een Nationale Feestdag in België, huwelijk van Amalia en Trooping the Colour, zou ik wel heel graag (een keer) willen bijwonen, met camera 😉

  3. Leuk lijstje, meeste evenementen staan ook op mijn lijst 🙂 Voor dit jaar heb ik een reis naar Denemarken (Verjaardag Margrethe), tripje naar Engeland voor Trooping the Colour en GarterDay, en een reis naar Zweden voor de verjaardag van Victoria gepland. Verder wil ik graag naar de doop van kindje van Guillaume en Stepha

  4. I see you want to attend the wedding of (almost) all the young heirs, but not Ingrid Alexandra?! Why not? Why is she less interssting to you?

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