Duke Anton Günther von Oldenburg (1923-2014)

Duke Anton Günther von Oldenburg died on 20 September 2014 in Güldenstein, Germany. He was born in Lensahn, Germany on 16 January 1923 as son of Duke Nikolaus von Oldenburg and his first wife Princess Helene zu Waldeck und Pyrmont.

He married at Kreuzwertheim, Germany, on 7 August 1951 Princess Ameli zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg. They became the parents of Helene (born 1953) and Christian (born 1955). Christian married in 1987 Countess Caroline zu Rantzau and has four children: Alexander (born 1990), Philipp (born 1991), Anton (born 1993) and Katharina (born 1997).

Duke Anton Günther is survived by his wife, his daughter and partner, his son and family, and by seven brothers and sisters. His sister Rixa died tragically in 1939 after a fall from her horse, aged 15.

The funeral service took place at the Lamberti Church in Oldenburg on 4 October 2014. Afterwards a long funeral procession walked behind the coffin, that was placed on a low carriage, to the Gertrudenfriedhof, where the Duke was buried in the family mausoleum. Gathered for the funeral were about all members of the Ducal family of Oldenburg, including children, members of the families of Prussia, Schaumburg-Lippe, Hohenzollern, Württemberg, Baden, Hannover, Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, Schleswig-Holstein, Reuss, Leiningen, Croÿ, Bentheim und Steinfurt, Salm-Salm, Stolberg-Stolberg, Schönborn and Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg.

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