18 December 2018 – 550,000 Visitors!

Waiting already for it for a few weeks, as I noticed I could easily reach 550,000 blog visitors before the end of 2018. Today around 8pm Amsterdam time I finally reached this goal.

This blog was started on 9 September 2012. Best ever views (4,318) on one day were reached on 1 October 2018 when I put a wedding report online and was linked on some other blogs.

Furthermore 2,818 people follow me on Twitter, where I posted 29,922 times since May 2010. My Facebook account exists since May 2013, and has 529 followers. And not to forget my original website, started 20 years ago on 7 October 1998, and where statistics have changed several times, so I am not quite sure anymore about the amount of visitors.

Thanks everybody for visiting and following.

5 thoughts on “18 December 2018 – 550,000 Visitors!

  1. Keep up the great work that you are doing Netty. I have followed you since around 1998. Your reporting of all things Royal has never faltered. Best Wishes of this Festive season to you from me in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada. Good luck in 2019. Anne T.

      1. Hi Netty: Well, when people report actual and factual information then people are more inclined to follow those type of people versus ones who do not do proper research. I am also a researcher and am very picky about what news reports that I will follow. My Royal Family research has been enhanced by much of what you have reported especially in regard to other European royalty not usually covered here in North America.

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