400 Posts!

When busy with my blog yesterday, I suddenly noticed that my post on Sunday was actually the 400th post being published on this blog. Or at least the 400th post that is still there, as I have deleted some in recent years. I guess about half of them were written in the past year when I started using the blog more and more.

Stay tuned as there are more posts planned. At the moment I am also busy refreshing old posts, at least checking them whether photos still show up correctly and I have made some changes to featured photos (the ones showing up as main one on the index pages). The latter has to be done, as the new design requires somewhat bigger pictures than I usually posted.

As because of my work or lack of photos I can’t often cover recent events, I wonder if you have any ideas about what you’d like to see or read on this blog. I have enough ideas, but it would be nice to hear your opinions too.

One thought on “400 Posts!

  1. Congratulations Netty on your 400th + post. I so much appreciate your sharing with us the vast knowledge you’ve gained over the years of your Royal reporting. I love that you travel to many of the Royal events supplying us with your own pictures and insights, it makes following you such a joy!

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