A new blog design

Today I have been busy changing the design of the NettyRoyal blog. The idea I had a few years to have a kind of newspaper like website was nice, but it was overall a bit too busy. Recently I found this new design, by the same theme builder, Mystery Themes. Even if pink isn’t exacly my most favourite colour, I did love this theme.

I have been working on it in the past one, two weeks in a development area, but of course it always looks somewhat different when you combine it with the blog itself. Still a few changes have to be made to make it look good. And there are still a few technical issues that need to be solved, but I hope it will work in the end.

Sorry for the inconvenience it has cost for e-mail suscribers, as it turns out the demo of the theme posted new posts. Although they were dated 2020, all 18 posts were sent out. I unfortunately have no idea how I could have prevented that.

I am looking forward to hear what you think about it.

3 thoughts on “A new blog design

  1. Netty, No harm done! I must admit I was mildly amused by such tired and tacky “clickbait” subject lines coming from your blog name. :o) Steven

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