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When I started this blog some years ago, I didn’t do that much about it and just opened a free blog at Possibilities there however are limited and when you want to add something it costs you quite a bit of money.

After a discussion with a fellow blogger and the host of my website for many years I decided to move my blog to its own domain. As I am posting more often now and intend to continue with that, it seemed to be a logical step. I have just added the word blog to the domainname I already have to create a new one. You might not notice differences, but the possibilities as an administrator are much more extensive when you have your own URL and host for your blog at Way more plugins and other features to use that can be handy when you’re an administrator of a blog.

I am not quite happy yet with the new design and keep on looking for something nice, but it will do for now I hope. There are many free themes and they continue making new ones. Or who knows I one day find something great that is just not good enough and buy myself a theme, as that seems to give more possibilities.

There are a few things I still need to check, like picture size, which I might do in the coming days.

I hope you continue visiting my blog, even when you have to subscribe again and the statistics have restarted (I had almost 400,000 visitors in the past years). Unfortunately it seems you have to pay if you want to transfer some extra information from the old, free blog, something I think is not really necessary. So please forgive me for this.

2 thoughts on “Blog Moved to Own Domain

    1. Thanks! Just have been very busy with the move of the blog in the past days, so am not sure I’ll be able to really post something this week. Am however also reading two books and have enough material to post about in the future.

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