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For years I wondered what to do with this blog. Life’s of course changing, and where I had lots of time when starting my website in 1998, some years later I spent all my evenings behind my computer. As I was working almost fulltime during the day I had to update my website in the evenings and at weekends. Although it was fun doing the result was problems with my shoulders and arms. And after about ten years I really needed to do other things once in a while. Which is one of the reasons my website hasn’t been updated so often anymore as in the past and I stopped posting news. I among others love reading, travelling … which of course also takes time. I am currently reading Simon Sebag Montefiore’s thick Romanov book.

When I started this blog in the Summer of 2012 I really had no idea what to do with it. Still I am a relatively new blogger. I think general information, exhibitions and genealogical news should be found on my website. This blog however is an additional medium to write about royals: books, genealogy (in a somewhat more extensive way), history, travelling, exhibitions, royal events. I have a rather big archive of my own digital pictures from events and travels of the past, let’s say 13 years or so. So there is still a lot to write about. Most of the time it won’t be huge posts, but I’ll do my best to post something informative and vary a bit.

But a blog can’t do without visitors, feedback, suggestions … so please let me know what you think of this blog, what could be change, what you like or find totally boring. I would be very grateful. Comments can be posted at the bottom of a post.

5 thoughts on “NettyRoyal Blog and you!

  1. Jouw blogs zijn altijd erg leuk om te lezen! En het is gelijk een goede oefening voor mijn Engels ook! 😉
    Ik vind het elke keer weer leuk om hierheen te komen als er een nieuwe blog in mijn mail komt!

    1. Dank je! Er staat al weer wat in de planning (lekker dat dat op zo’n blog vooraf kan, heb ik vorige week ontdekt). Mijn Engels is vast ook niet geheel foutloos, maar door het internet al een heel stuk beter dan zo’n 15 jaar geleden. Als er echt storende fouten in staan, hoor ik het graag. Maar anders lezen mensen er maar overheen.

  2. thanks very much for your updating. Is very accurate and detailed. Please continue informing us all you write is so educational and for me essentially cultural.
    Appreciated. Anna Gerakis

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