New website: On Tour with NettyRoyal

As I recently announced, I was working on a new website. I finally published On Tour with NettyRoyal online on 14 February 2023. It will not replace this website, but will contain a lot of my royal travelling reports, news about royal palaces, books about royal palaces and castles, activities and exhibitions, visits of royals to touristic places, and lots more. At the bottom there is a possibility to follow the blog. I hope you will join me on a royal journey.

If anyone has photos that I can use – of course credited – I would be very happy. If you’d like to tell something about your favourite palaces/castles or write a guest post, let me know. I will be more than glad to publish.

Furthermore I am still working on a palace guide. I intend to first list the ones in the present European monarchies, and then extend to other countries in Europe and possibly also elsewhere in the world. If anyone can help me compiling lists of (former) royal castles and palaces I would very much appreciate.

There is also a new Twitter and Instagram account, while on Facebook I intend to use the present one.

On Tour with NettyRoyal

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