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Last night something I have prepared for for months has finally happened. My great host Rudy moved the blog to my first URL The people who usually only visited my blog will hardly notice. The old blog URL is still working and from there you will be directed to the new site without even noticing. The old blog URL however might disappear some day.

People who have been visiting my old site only, some of them already for over 20 years, will however be totally surprised. Honestly I haven’t worked on my site anymore very often, so I decided finally to get rid of it. Most items, apart from the eligible princes and princesses, have been moved to this blog in the past months. Links have been updated, as well as the Royal Houses (to be found under The Royals). Under News – Royal News – the old genealogical news can be found, as well as news from various years. Exhibitions can be found under Travel. Just take your time to have a look around.

When looking for something specific, the search function on the right of the menu might help. It is possible to subscribe to the blog, so you will be notified when something new has been posted. However it is also possible that I update something old, which means you will not be notified, but I will try to change the date to the day I repost, so it should be visible when visiting the blog. For the people that aren’t fluent in English, I have added a translate button in the menu on the right of the front page.

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  1. Glad you got this all sorted out Netty. I have been following you for almost 20 years. Some months get busy for me and my other interests but always return to see what European news you follow that I may have missed. Congratulations on getting this done. Also Happy New Year’s Greetings to you from Royal follower in Canada.

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