The Top 10 of Posts in 2017

In the past year it has been a challenge to me to update my blog regularly instead of once in a while. Time to reflect and see which posts (old or new) were most popular in 2017. I slowly get more visitors, but I think I still could do much better. The concurrence of other blogs however is much bigger than in the past when I started with my website NettyRoyal that on 26 October 2018 will celebrate its 20th anniversary!

I can’t say it has always been easy to find new topics to write about and write regular posts. I don’t have enough time to write tons of posts ahead, so sometimes I really have to think about something quickly. I haven’t received as much feedback yet as I had hoped for, so it is hard to know what people do and don’t like. Clear is that opinion articles and wedding articles are the ones that are being read most. I want to thank all of you for visiting, and especially the ones that reacted to blog posts either on the blog or on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter.

On 17 February 2017 I could announce that my blog since its start in September 2012 had until then attracted 400,000 visitors. Less than a year later, the blog stats say I had more than 465,100 visitors. Next year I hope to reach the amount of 500,000 visitors. Starting with almost no followers at the start of the year, I have over 3,000 email subscribers now.

Here is the top 10 of 2017, with one old article and others only written this year, sometimes even quite recently.

  1. 1,593 views – Prince Heinrich of Bavaria has married his Henriette
  2. 1,306 views – Princess Anna von Hohenzollern married! (old article about a wedding that took place in 2013!)
  3. 1,027 views – Yet Another Wedding – In Aulendorf
  4. 985 views – Noble and Royal Interracial Marriages
  5. 927 views – Blog Moved to Own Domain
  6. 902 views – 80 Years Ago – The Tragic Death of the Hessen Family
  7. 839 views – To King … Sorry, Prince Henrik of Denmark
  8. 809 views – Sunny Spring Wedding at Amorbach
  9. 609 views – A Very Royal Wedding in Wertheim (2)
  10. 603 views – A Very Royal Wedding in Wertheim (1)

I hope to continue my work in 2018 and hope that people keep on enjoying and visiting this blog.

2 thoughts on “The Top 10 of Posts in 2017

  1. I hope you continue your work too, Netty as it was originally the only way I heard of happenings in other Royal Families of Europe. I enjoy all that you do produce. Since more Facebook entries have occurred I do read about others who post things but I still come back to your postings. I want to wish you sincere wishes for a very Happy New Year and hope that 2018 will bring more interesting Royal reports from you. There are so many babies and other events coming up in 2018 it should be another great Royal year.

  2. En een van die mensen ben ik Netty, ik kom graag kijken naar je site en de mooie artikelen lezen. Ik wens je dan vanuit Noord-Brabant heel veel geluk en gezondheid toe en dat het ene mooi Koninklijk jaar mag worden.

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