The top 10 of posts in 2018

One year has (almost) gone and so much has happened, personally and royally. I started the year with a new blog design, about which I am still quite happy. 2018 I soon – in January – reached a milestone by having 400 posts on my blog. I must admit that since I have deleted a few, but this is nevertheless post number 515. I posted 138 new articles (including this one) the statistics at least say.

3,627 people are subscribing to this blog via email. 2,843 people follow me on Twitter, and 534 people like my Facebook site.

The blog started the year with about 465,100 views, while it ended with 553,323 hits. October 2018 was the best month with 17,911 views. The highlight of that month was when I reached 4,318 views in one day on 1 October 2018. Of course the reason was a royal wedding report and a few links to that report on other blogs. This year saw 88,088 visits, and 37,237 unique visitors.

Most visitors this year came from the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Norway and Italy.

Here is the top 10 of 2018, with several articles written in 2017 already, but on top the wedding report that broke my old day record. The old Princess Anna von Hohenzollern article is still doing well, unfortunately the reason likely being her brother’s suicide earlier this year. It is interesting to see that apart from genealogical news also guestlists are doing well, although in this case Eugenie & Jack have beaten Harry & Meghan.


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