The year 2022 of NettyRoyal

Much less visitors for NettyRoyal in 2022 than in 2021. I suppose it is either because I posted less regularly, or people spent much less time online.

  • 115 new Posts
  • 129,993 Words
  • 121 new Comments
  • 41 new Likes
  • 284 Subscribers of the blog via WordPress or Email
  • 5,147 Followers on Twitter
  • 576 Followers on Facebook
  • 691 Followers on Instagram
  • 143,799 Hits
  • 40,362 Unique visitors
  • Busiest month: January with 15,169 views and 14.635 unique visitors
  • Most popular day to visit: Wednesday (15% of the views)
  • Most popular time to visit: 9pm (8% of the views)
  • Most visitors came from the USA, Germany, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic.

Here is the (somewhat surprising) top 10 of posts in 2022:

Instagram statistics for 2022:

  • 111 posts
  • 4,2k likes (38 per post)

There are so many recent Christmas cards among the best liked posts, that I fear I will have to take care of tags a bit better in the future. But I gained 200 followers, which I think is quite nice.

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