Castles in Czechia

As I wrote earlier this week I have been to a holiday fair here in Groningen last weekend. On Friday I received a package from Jellie of CeskySight, whom I had met there. They rent holiday houses and apartments in Czechia, but their website (in Dutch) also has lots of information about Czechia itself. I recieved the CzechTourism brochure “Castles and Chateaux” in Dutch (download here), but online I also found an English version for everybody interested. To be honest I rather like a paper version myself, as I can just sit down on the sofa and enjoy reading there instead of on my computer. And Jellie included a DVD called “Encyclopedia of the Ages”, which sounds very interesting so I am certainly going to have a look.

It also reminded me that I really would love to go back to this lovely country. I’ve only been to Prague once, about 20 years ago and enjoyed it already then. Only last year when I was in Dresden I discovered I was so close to Czechia, that I found it almost a pity I had only booked five days. One more reason to seriously start thinking of going there again and visit all these interesting castles in the country.

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