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Lots of magazines have been published in the past week with specials about the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the investiture of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Of course the “roddelbladen” (gossip magazines) all had reports. The best ones were Weekend and Privé. The Libelle had quite a nice special that even included a photo album of Princess Beatrix and some fashion reports. There is also the Belgian magazine Royals. I had expected more of that magazine. Although it is Belgian the Dutch version sells quite well in the Netherlands.

But of course the regular royalty magazines here in the Netherlands, Royalty and Vorsten, were by far the best. The Royalty, with 100 extra pages, showed all the beautiful pictures of the most important moments of the day. A poster of the new King and Queen with their daughters and Princess Beatrix in the middle. Lots of big pictures of the guests. No pictures of the day after, as the magazine had to be printed the next day already, so hopefully some in the next issue. Vorsten also very beautiful and covering all events. Unfortunately not the whole magazine about the event only. And some of the pictures of the many guests are a bit too small to my taste. But both magazines are worth being treasured and to be kept for the future, so you can have another look inside whenever you want.

I don’t really expect any more magazines to turn up, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Of course I almost miss out that likely the best foreign magazine will be Hola. I have seen the report already online and it is gorgeous as usual with lots of big pictures.

There already is a new DVD-box with two or three DVDs (the one with three DVDs being the most extensive) showing a summary of the abdication and the investiture, and with documentaries about the new King and Queen and about Queen Beatrix. A CD with the music played during the ceremony of the investiture will also be sold as of 10 May. Both are being sold via Bol.com, that also delivers abroad (not very cheap, but if you really want to have them). You can either call them 24/7 at (+31) 30 6008 872 or email via this form. Unfortunately all in Dutch, but you might find out how it works, and if necessary use Google translator or another online translator.

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  1. Netty, it is important to note that the DVDS are region 2 PAL, which means they cannot be played on North American dvd players unless one has a region free player with a built in converter.

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