Just not too many books …

I have never counted them, but I must have hundreds of books, mainly about royalty. From simple booklets, picture books, biographies, autobiographies and genealogical works. Books about endless topics like cooking, fashion, animals, special occasions, jewelry, yearbooks, families, people and of course castles and churches. As you have seen in my previous post my bookshelves needed a reorganisation. Not quite sure when I did that for the last time, must be one or two years ago. Unfortunately I have even more books now, and hardly have any space left for more. I might well have to get rid of some of them next time. But for now … just have a look at the result. Looks quite fabulous, doesn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Just not too many books …

    1. Had to place them in the right order of course (by year), but it works well. Don’t have them all unfortunately. Just ordered all they had at the time, still several missing. But never mind. The Fürstliche are in a different place, just above my computer. There should be enough space for more issues here.

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