New royal and noble books – June 2020

For more new books about royalty see:


Author: Marie Petitot.

Title: Anecdotes insolites de la royauté (Unusual anecdotes of royalty).

Publication: 18 June 2020 by Jourdan Éditions.

Language: French.


Authors: Sibylle Prinzessin von Preussen, Friedrich Wilhelm Prinz von Preussen.

Title: The King’s Love. Frederick the Great, his gentle dogs and other passions.

Publication: 15 June 2020 at Palmartpress.

Language: English.


Author: Barbara Borkowy.

Title: Sisters: Princess Daisy of Pless and Shelagh Duchess of Westminster (Siostry. Daisy von Pless | Shelagh Westminster).

Publication: 29 June 2020 by the Princess Daisy von Pless Foundation (originally published in Polish in 2016, revised edition 14 April 2020).

Language: English.


Author: John Callow.

Title: Cavalier and King of Man. James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby 1607-51.

Publication: 15 June 2020 by Helion and Company.

Language: English.


Author: Melanie Clegg.

Title: Empress Alexandra. The special relationship between Russia’s last Tsarina and Queen Victoria.

Publication: 30 June 2020 by Pen & Sword History.

Language: English.


Author: Paula Cifuentes.

Title: María Cristina. Reina gobernadora (María Cristina. Queen Regent).

Publication: 16 June 2020 by Editorial Ariel.

Language: Spanish.


Author: José Luis Comellas.

Title: Isabel II. Una Reina y un Reinado (Isabel II. A Queen and a reign).

Publication: 16 June 2020 by Editorial Ariel.

Language: Spanish.


Author: Catherine Ryan.

Title: Royal Weddings. The history of regal matrimony.

Publication: 16 June 2020 by Book Sales Inc./Chartwell Books Inc. (USA).

Language: English.


Author: Nigel Cawthorne.

Title: Prince Andrew. Epstein and the Palace.

Publication: 11 June 2020 by Gibson Square Books Ltd.

Language: English.


Author: Anne Somerset.

Title: Ladies in Waiting. A history of court life from the Tudors to the present day.

Publication: 25 June 2020 by riverrun.

Language: English.


Author: Thomas Penn.

Title: The Brothers York. A Royal Tragedy.

Publication: 16 June 2020 by Simon & Schuster.

Language: English.

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