New royal and noble books – November 2022

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Author: Elena Hell.

Title: Sisi. Verlangen und Verrat (Sisi. Desire and betrayal; part II of the RTL TV-series) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 15 November 2022 by Rowohlt Taschenbuch.

Language: German.


Authors: Brigitte Balfoort and Joëlle Vanden Houden.

Title: Mathilde 50: 10 jaar koningin (Mathilde 50: 10 years queen) (NL)(UK)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 24 November 2022 by Houtekiet.

Language: Dutch.


Author: Jane Draycott.

Title: Cleopatra’s daughter. Egyptian Princess, Roman prisoner, African Queen (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 10 November 2022 by Apollo; USA as Cleopatra’s daughter. From Roman prisoner to Egyptian Queen on 18 April 2023.

Language: English.


Authors: John Darnell and Colleen Darnell.

Title: Egypt’s golden couple. When Akhenaten and Nefertiti were Gods on earth (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 9 November 2022 by The History Press.

Language: English.


Author: Renaud Thomazo.

Title: Secrets d’Histoire – Les grandes reines et favorites de France (Secrets of History – The great queens and favourites of France) (NL)(FR)(US)(DE)(IT)

Publication: 16 November 2022 by Larousse.

Language: French.


Author: Myra Miranda Bom.

Title: Constance of France. Womanhood and Agency in Twelfth Century Europe (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR 9-12-2022)(IT 9-12-2022)(ES 9-12-2022).

Publication: 13 November 2022 by Palgrave Macmillan.

Language: English.


Authors: Martin Preineder (ed.), Regina Grabenweger, Günter Fuhrmann.

Title: Das Tal der Könige in Niederösterreich. Der geheime Königshof der Bourbonen (The Valley of the Kings in Lower Austria. The secret royal court of the Bourbons) (NL)(DE)

Publication: 2 November 2022 by KRAL.

Language: German.

GERMANY (Bavaria)

Author: Bernard Graf.

Title: Das Haus Wittelsbach und die Fotografie (The House of Wittelsbach and Photography) (DE)

Publication: 28 November 2022 by Allitera Verlag.

Language: German.

GERMANY (Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg)

Author: Patricia Kleßen.

Title: Adelige Selbstbehauptung und romantische Selbstentwürfe. Die “queeren” Inszenierungen Herzog Augusts von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg (1772-1822) (Self-assertion and romantic self-designs. The “queer” productions of Duke August of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (1772-1822) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 23 November 2022 by Campus.

Language: German.


Authors: P.P. Bulygin, A.F. Kerensky.

Title: The Murder of the Romanovs. The Authentic Account (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Publication: 4 November 2022 by Independently published (Paul Gilbert).

Language: English.


Author: Nacho Gay.

Title: Urdangarin. Relato de un Naufragio (Urdangarin. The story of a “shipwreck”) (NL)(DE)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Publication: 16 November by La Esfera de los Libros.

Language: Spanish.


Author: SJ Bennett.

Title: Murder Most Royal. Her Majesty The Queen investigates 3 (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 10 November 2022 by Zaffre.

Language: English.


Author: Tessa Dunlop.

Title: Elizabeth & Philip. The story of young love, marriage and monarchy (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 10 November 2022 by Headline; USA on 4 April 2023 by Pegasus Books.

Language: English.


Author: Arthur Edwards.

Title: Behind the Crown: My life photographing the royal family (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 10 November 2022 by HarperCollins.

Language: English.


Author: Nicola Tallis.

Title: All the Queen’s Jewels 1445-1548. Power, Majesty and Display (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Publication: 29 November 2022 by Roudledge.

Language: English.


Authors: Ghislain Baury, Vincent Corriol.

Title: Bérengère de Navarre (v. 1160-1230). Histoire et mémoire d’une reine d’Angleterre (Berengaria of Navarre (c. 1160-1230): History and Memory of a Queen of England) (NL)(DE)(FR)(IT 5-1-2023)(ES 5-1-2023)

Publication: 15 November 2022 by Pu Rennes.

Language: French.


Author: Alison Weir.

Title: Queens of the age of Chivalry – English Medieval Queens 3 (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 3 November 2022 by Jonathan Cape/Ballantine Books.

Language: English.


Author: Gemma Hollman.

Title: The Queen and the mistress. The women of Edward III (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 10 November 2022 by The History Press; USA on 4 April 2023 by Pegasus Books.

Language: English.


Author: Anne Glenconner.

Title: Whatever next? Lessons from an unexpected life (NL)(DE)(UK)(US 21-2-2023)(FR)(IT 21-2-2023)(ES)

Publication: 17 November 2022 by Hodder & Stoughton.

Language: English.

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