New royal and noble books – October 2022

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Author: Michaela Pfundner.

Title: Ludwig Angerer (1827-1879). Der Fotograf des Kaiserhauses (Ludwig Angerer 1827-1879. The photographer of the Imperial House) (NL)(DE)(FR)(IT)

Publication: October 2022 by Edition Winkler-Hermaden.

Language: German.


Author: Rouven Pons.

Title: Erzherzog Stephan (1817-1867). Biographie eines Habsburgers im entstehenden Medienzeitalter (Archduke Stephen (1817-1867). Biography of a Habsburg in the emerging media age) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 10 October 2022 by Böhlau Wien.

Language: German.

AUSTRIA (Nobility)

Author: Gábor Vaderna.

Title: The Culture of the Aristocracy in the Habsburg Monarchy (NL)(DE)

Publication: 28 October 2022 by Praesens Verlag.

Language: English.


Author: Jo De Poorter.

TItle: Wij, Elisabeth. koninginnen van de 21ste eeuw : 21 levenslessen van legendarische vorstinnen voor een kroonprinses van 21 (NL)(UK)

Publication: 17 October 2022 by Pelckmans.

Language: Dutch.


Author: Pierre De Vuyst.

Title: Reines de Belgique de Louise-Marie à Elisabeth (Queens of Belgium from Louise-Marie to Elisabeth) (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 20 October 2022 by Luc Pire.

Language: French.


Author: Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

Title: Kongehusets julekalender. Nissefars julerejse gennem kongerækken (The Royal House’s Christmas Calendar. Nisse father’s Christmas journey through the royal lineage).

Publication: 20 October 2022 by Politikens Forlag.

Language: Danish.


Author: Flavie Leroux.

Title: L’autre famille royale. La faillite de l’absolutisme (The other royal family. The failure of absolutism) (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 12 October 2022 by Passes Composes.

Language: French.


Author: Ghislaine Riccio.

Title: Pour le Roi … et l’amour d’une reine. Les incroyables complots pour sauver Louis XVI et Marie-Antoinette (For the King … and the love of a queen. The incredible plots to save Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette). (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 20 October 2022 by Jourdan Editions.

Language: French.


Author: Frank-Lothar Kroll.

Title: Fürsten ohne Thron. Was nach 1918 aus den deutschen Herrscherdynastien wurde (Princes without thrones. What became of the German ruling dynasties after 1918) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 27 October 2022 by be.bra Verlag.

Language: German.


Author: Leonhard Horowski.

Title: Herrlichkeit und Ewigkeit. Drei Familien bauen das vormoderne Europa (Glory and Eternity. Three families build pre-modern Europe) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 19 October 2022 by dtv Verlagsgesellschaft.

Language: German.


Author: Arlene Prinsloo.

Title: Charlene, in search of a Princess (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 5 October 2022 by Jonathan Ball Publishers. Outside of South Africa the book only seems to be available on 5 January 2023 or 14 March 2023 (but Kindle is available already in several countries).

Language: English.


Authors: Kevin Gony and Natasja Peeters (ed.).

Title: Filips II. De strijd om Europa. Oorlog en opstand in de zestiende eeuw (Philip II. The Struggle for Europe. War and revolt in the sixteenth century) (NL)(DE)(UK)

Publication: 18 October 2022 by Lannoo.

Language: Dutch.


Authors: Pieter Eckhardt, René Kok and Erik Somers (ed.).

Title: De eeuw van Juliana. Een koningin en haar idealen (The century of Juliana. A Queen and her ideals) (NL)(DE)(UK)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 3 October 2022 by WBooks.

Language: Dutch.


Author: Stephen Bates.

Title: The shortest history of the crown (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 4 October 2022 by Old Street Publishing.

Language: English.


Authors: Robin Muir and Josephine Ross.

Title: The Crown in Vogue (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 11 October 2022 by Thunder Bay Press.

Language: English.


Author: Katie Nicholl.

Title: The New Royals. Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 4 October 2022 by Hachette Books.


Author: Philip Kyle.

Title: Charles III (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 27 October 2022 by Perrin.

Language: French.


Author: James Owen.

Title: Queen Elizabeth II. Commemorating her life and reign 1926-2022 (NL 31-1-2023)(DE)(UK)(US 31-1-2023)(FR)(IT)(ES)

Publication: 27 October 2022 by Times Books.

Language: English.


Author: Gareth Russell.

Title: Do let’s have another drink. The dry wit and fizzy life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 13 October 2022 by William Collins/Atria Books.

Language: English.


Authors: Peter Snow and Ann MacMillan.

Title: Kings & Queens. The real lives of the English monarchs (NL)(DE)(UK)(US)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 13 October 2022 by Welbeck.

Language: English.


Author: The Countess of Carnarvon.

Title: The Earl and the Pharaoh. From the real Downton Abbey to the discovery of Tutankhamun (NL)(DE)(UK)(US 6 December)(FR)(ES)(IT)

Publication: 27 October 2022 by William Collins

Language: English.

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  1. I got “The Crown in Vogue” today as a Birthday gift. I’ve only glanced through it. It had lots of beautiful photos in it.

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