Updated 1-11: 2019 Royal Gatherings in The Hague

Royal Gatherings The Hague will once again be organized in the weekend of November 9 & 10, 2019 at the Park Hotel in the Molenstraat (near the Noordeinde Palace). The day starts at 9.45am.

Presentations include various royal topics:

  • Arturo Beéche: -The Grand Ducal House of Hesse und bei Rhein
  • Robert Golden: -Royal Funerals in England
  • Susan Symons: -Castles & Palaces in Württemberg
  • Arturo Beéche: -The Duc de Penthièvre (France’s richest and most pious prince)
  • Seth Leonard: -The descendants of Prince Franz of Bavaria & Princess Isabella
  • Seth Leonard: -The wedding of Franz Wilhelm of Prussia & Maria Wladimirovna of Russia
  • Katie Tice: -The theft of the Hessian Jewels
  • Alexander Borg: -The Emirs of Bokhara
  • Marian Bette: -Mary Tudor; daughter, sister, wife and Queen
  • Oscar Meijer: -Kingsday, a Royal Celebration
  • Edgar Clin: -Parisian auctioneer specialised in the Romanovs

If interested in joining the weekend, please email: [email protected] or [email protected] Also see Booksellers Van Hoogstraten

Costs: € 125.- for 2 full days, including coffee and tea. A joint dinner will take place on Saturday evening at 7pm at Bistro Pomono near the Park Hotel. Three courses cost 29,50 Euro, excluding drinks. As reservations have to be made, you have to confirm your presence beforehand.

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