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Like many girls, I used to love to play with dolls. As the Barbie dolls were somewhat expensive, my sister and I usually got cheaper, similar dolls like the rival doll Sindy. Of course we longed for a real Barbie! If I had the space at home, the newest Barbie might well soon have entered my royal collection.

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To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of the longest ruling monarch in British history, Barbie on 20 April released a collectible doll of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Robert Best for toy maker Mattel. The doll cost $75, and was limited to three dolls per user. It however sold very quickly after several newspapers and magazines reported about it online.

The doll wears an elegant ivory gown – similar to the ones the Queen loves to wear in royal portraits and for important events -, gloves, jewelry and a blue order adorned with decorations, including the Royal Family Order. A stunning crown and matching accessories complete her regal ensemble, Mattel says. The doll comes in a fitting premium packaging – depicting the throne room – that’s ideal for display and a doll stand. The tiara is said to be based on Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara, the tiara the Queen first wore at her wedding in 1947. Around her neck is of course the Nizam of Hyderabad Necklace.

Mattel was inspired by royals several times. Ken and Barbie were sold as King Arthur and Guinevere. There was also a Queen Elizabeth I, Empress Josephine of the French, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, as well as several nameless Princesses in a variety of styles from Holland to India. And of course there were many, non-Mattel dolls of a number of present day royals.

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  1. As a child I allways longed for a Barby! I told this my husband – and he gave me one for my 50th birthday!

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