Investiture Postcards

For the collectors of royal postcards. Albert & Albert of Royal Press Europe have issued eighteen lovely postcards of the investiture of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands on 30 April 2013. One Euro per postcard, excluding sending costs. Have a look at them here. You’ll also find their contact info on that website.

4 thoughts on “Investiture Postcards

  1. Hello again,I wrote to you sometime ago concerning the investiture postcards which were released.I went to the site that you advised and they only sign up people that are a company or media,they did not answer me back.The most help I have had has been from you.Do you have any other suggestions as to how I can obtain or purchase these postcards.Waiting for your reply
    Kind Regards

  2. Hi,
    I’m searching Royal Postcard, and I find the site Royal Press Europe, but I see that I can’t sign because I’m not a media (And they have so beautiful photos) 🙁 Quite sad because it’s been a few months that I’m searching where I can find Royal Postcard, because I collect them, and I do Postcrossing, so Iove to send Royal to people who ask for it, but it’s not easy to find such Postcard (Here in Belgium it’s not easy !). So perhaps you can help me ? Did you know where I can find Royal Postcard (Dutch, Belgian, Sweden, Denmark, …), or where I can buy it on internet ?

    Thank you,

    1. I think Royal Press has about new postcards twice a year from the Netherlands, and one series with foreign royals. Not all of them seem to be online. The last ones were in October 2016.
      Just email them at [email protected] if you’re interested.

      For Belgium – depends probably on where you live. They had lovely new postcards when I was in the royal greenhouses in April, but it is sad when they’re not on sale everywhere. Usually the palaces in Denmark and Sweden sell postcards, and in the Netherlands some shops and museums (like Het Loo Palace, Van Hoogstraten bookshop in The Hague). I am not sure whether you can buy them online anywhere tough. But if you know someone who is going to visit one of these countries, just ask whether they can get you some.

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