UPDATE! Royal Gatherings 2020 in London

Royal Gatherings in London has been postponed because of Corona/Covid-19.



This year’s Royal Gatherings in London will take place on 18th & 19th April 2020. Please put the dates in your diary.

As usual it will take place in the auction room of Spink at 67-69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London.

The cost in Sterling is £140 to include lectures plus tea & coffee. To book your place please email [email protected]

Here is the list of who will be speaking at the conference


SATURDAY, April 18

1. Hugo Vickers – Departing. Dukes: Windsor (1936) and Sussex (2020)

2. Susan Symons – Schlosser in Southern Germany

3. Martyn Downer – Sir Howard Elphinstone – “The Queen’s Knight”

4. Coryne Hall – Sixty Years of Mutual Distrust: Queen Victoria’s relationship with the Romanovs and Russia

5. Seth Leonard: At Peace at Last: Royal Reburials

SUNDAY, April 19

1. Gert-Juergen Frisch – Schloss Glucksburg and the House of Glucksburg

2. Colin Parrish – Princess Elizabeth – The Artistic Daughter of George III

3. Seth Leonard: The Children of King Umberto II and Queen Marie Jose

4. Bobby Golden: English Royal Funerals

5. Arturo Beéche – Louis XIV’s Legitimated Sons

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