The Queen’s jubilee watch by Swatch

Without doubt the “How Majestic” Jubilee watch by Swatch is one of the most popular souvenirs on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II at the moment. I already know several people who bought it. The watch was available online and in Swatch stores already from 3 February 2022. However by the time the existance was spread, it was already fully sold out. Luckily it came back in stock earlier this month, although this time for 100 Euro, nearly 20 Euro more than previously. As this was something I just needed to have, I bought it anyway and it arrived last week.

Swatch says that the love of bold color and statement millinery ensures that the Queen is one of the most recognizable women in the world. She always stands out from the crowd. Therefore Swatch gave its Platinum Jubilee watch a playful and colorful twist, and made it into an homage to her style and presence.

On the watch one can find the Queen and one of her trustful companions: a corgi. Of course she is wearing a hat and one of her Launer bags. Thanks to a calendar wheel the outfit of the Queen changes color daily (mine is green right now): green, blue, yellow, orange, pink.. Above the Swatch logo there is a gold-colored printed crown and there are 70 gold-colored printed dots to mark the 70-year reign. The case and silicone strap in matte white feature a metallic effect, bringing a royal shine to the bracelet.

The watch comes in a special sleeve packaging, and under protection of one of the loyal and iconic Queen’s guards, there is a unique surprise — a sparkly silver-colored crown. My old bear is quite happy with his new crown.

The disadvantages: it only comes with a white case and strap. Personally I would have liked if I would have had a choice for another colour matching one of the Queen’s outfits. One has to guess the time, although you more or less can see how late it is. Someone also pointed out to me that it is rather loud, although I personally haven’t noticed.

The watch can be bought at the website of Swatch or in a Swatch shop. I bought it online and it arrived reasonably quick from Switzerland.

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