The burial place of Princess Elmira of Saxony

On 14 June 2022 Her Royal Highness Princess Elmira Carlen von Sachsen (Saxony), Markgräfin von Meißen, passed away in hospital in München, Germany. She was born as Elmira Carlen Henke in Lodz (Poland) on 25 December 1930. It was not until April 1980 that she married Prince Albert of Saxony, an historian and author. The couple didn’t have any children. On the death of his brother Markgraf Maria Emanuel in July 2012 Albert was considered by some, despite of family agreements, as the new head of the Royal House of Saxony. He himself died only three months later.

Despite being a Protestant Princess Elmira was buried next to her husband at the Alten Katholischen Friedhof (Old Catholic Cemetery) Dresden-Friedrichstadt on 28 June 2022. About 60 family members, friends and monarchists gathered to say goodbye, including the Princes Daniel, Arne and Nils. Her name will be added to the grave, that already contains the name of her husband: S.K.H. Dr. phil. Prinz Albert von Sachsen, Herzog zu Sachsen, Markgraf von Meissen * 30.11.1934 † 6.10.2012.

I visited this beautiful cemetery in August 2015.

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