Dushan Prince of Yugoslavia and Serbia

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His Royal Highness Prince Dushan Paul of Yugoslavia and Serbia was born at St. Gallen, Switzerland, on 29 September 1977.


Dushan is the only son of Prince Alexandre of Yugoslavia and Serbia (born 1924) and his second wife (since 1973) Princess Barbara von und zu Liechtenstein (born 1942).


Dushan has three half-brothers, Dimitri and Michael (born 1958) and Serge (born 1963), and one half-sister, Helene (born 1963). They are the children of Prince Alexandre of Yugoslavia and Serbia and his first wife Princess Maria Pia of Savoy.

Serge is married since 2004 to Eleonore Rajneri (born 1967). Helene was married since 1988 to Thierry Gaubert (born 1951), but they have split up. They have issue.


Dushan studied political science and international affairs at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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