Hussein bin Abdullah Crown Prince of Jordan

uploaded: 1 January 2013 / last modified: 31 December 2015


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah of Jordan was born at Amman, Jordan, on 28 June 1994.

Hussein has been Crown Prince of Jordan since 2 July 2009.


Hussein is the eldest child of King Abdullah II bin Hussein of Jordan (born 1962) and his wife (since 1993) Rania Al Yassin (born 1970).


Hussein has one brother, Hashem (born 2005), and two sisters, Iman (born 1996) and Salma (born 2000).


Hussein attended the International King's Academy in Madaba, Amman, Jordan, from 2007 to 2012. He studies political science at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, in Washington DC, USA.

He is a second lieutenant in the Jordan Armed Forces.


Hussein likes reading, sports, football and motorcycling.

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